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vapor/vapor 4.92.4
💧 A server-side Swift HTTP web framework.
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🕓 3 days ago
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.package(url: "https://github.com/vapor/vapor.git", from: "4.92.4")


Documentation Team Chat MIT License Continuous Integration Code Coverage Swift 5.7+ Mastodon

Vapor is an HTTP web framework for Swift. It provides a beautifully expressive and easy-to-use foundation for your next website, API, or cloud project.

Take a look at some of the awesome stuff created with Vapor.

💧 Community

Join the welcoming community of fellow Vapor developers on Discord.

🚀 Contributing

To contribute a feature or idea to Vapor, create an issue explaining your idea or bring it up on Discord.

If you find a bug, please create an issue.

If you find a security vulnerability, please contact [email protected] as soon as possible.

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Release Notes

4.92.4 - Allow `HTTPServer`'s configuration to be dynamically updatable
3 days ago

What's Changed

Allow HTTPServer's configuration to be dynamically updatable by @dimitribouniol in #3132

This allows many aspects of the HTTP server configuration to be changed after the server starts without needing to stop and restart it, or drop existing connections in the process.

Some things that can now be re-configured include request/response configuration options, HTTP version support, HTTP pipelining, TLS configuration (ie. enabling/disabling, rotating certificates, etc…), server name, metrics reporting, the logger, and the shutdown timer.

Fixes #3130.

New Contributor

  • @dimitribouniol made their first contribution in #3132 🎉
This patch was released by @0xTim

Full Changelog: https://github.com/vapor/vapor/compare/4.92.3...4.92.4

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