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3.0.0-rc.2.4.1 - May 2, 2018


  • Fixed a bug with OR/AND groups (#449, #466, #467).

3.0.0-rc.2.3.1 - Mar 29, 2018

3.0.0-rc.2.3 - Mar 27, 2018


  • Added the ability to specify custom names for migrations. This is useful for situations where you are using two models from separate modules with identical names.
migrationConfig.add(migration: Foo.self, database: .sqlite name: "foo")
  • Added support for CountableClosedRange


  • Fixed an issue where SchemaUpdater would use .create action.
  • Added a benchmark test to ensure drivers can save nil values properly.

Milestone: 3.0.0-rc.2.3

3.0.0-rc.2.2.1 - Mar 27, 2018


  • RevertCommand uses console.confirm(_:) now when reverting migrations. This allows for -y, --yes and -n, --no flags to be passed to automatically answer these prompts.
  • Deprecated filter(_:in:) and filter(_:notIn:) in favor of using the ~~ and !~ operators. This allows subset queries to match Fluent's other query types more closely going forward.

Milestone: 3.0.0-rc.2.2.1

3.0.0-rc.2.1.2 - Mar 25, 2018