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NIOExtras is a good place for code that is related to NIO but not core. It can also be used to incubate APIs for tasks that are possible with core-NIO but are cumbersome today.

What makes a good contribution to NIOExtras?

  • a protocol encoder/decoder pair (also called "codec") that is often used but is small enough so it doesn't need its own repository
  • a helper to achieve a task that is harder-than-necessary to achieve with core-NIO

Code Quality / Stability

All code will go through code review like in the other repositories related to the SwiftNIO project.

swift-nio-extras part of the SwiftNIO 2 family of repositories and depends on the following:

  • swift-nio, version 2.0.0 or better.
  • Swift 5.0.
  • zlib and its development headers installed on the system. But don't worry, you'll find zlib on pretty much any UNIX system that can compile any sort of code.

To depend on swift-nio-extras, put the following in the dependencies of your Package.swift:

.package(url: "https://github.com/apple/swift-nio-extras.git", from: "1.0.0"),

Support for older Swift versions

On the nio-extras-0.1 branch, you can find the swift-nio-extras version for the SwiftNIO 1 family. It requires Swift 4.1 or better.

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1.3.2 - Nov 14, 2019

Semver Patch

  • Added thread sanitiser testing to CI, patch credit to @tkrajacic. (#68)
  • Added API checking validation, patch credit to @tkrajacic. (#69)
  • Cleaned up CI docker files, patch credit to @tkrajacic. (#70)
  • Improved internal code style. (#62, #72)
  • Improved CI harness. (#63, #66, #67)

1.3.1 - Oct 24, 2019

Semver Patch

  • Updated NIO dependency to require 2.9.0 and fixed build warnings. (#61)

1.3.0 - Oct 16, 2019

SemVer Minor

  • add HTTP server request decompression support (#59, patch credit @calebkleveter)
  • extract common classes for server request decompressor (#60, patch credit @artemredkin)
  • add HTTP client response decompression support (#56, patch credit @artemredkin)

SemVer Patch

  • ServerQuiescingHelper: don't swallow close errors (#54)
  • update conduct email group (#55)

1.2.0 - Jul 22, 2019

Semver Minor

  • Added support for Content-Length based framing for JSON-RPC. (#53)

Semver Patch

  • Fixed issue where LineBasedFrameDecoder would not break correctly when receiving \r\n in separate read calls. (#51)
  • Added podspec. (#48, #50)
  • Cleaned up README. (#47)
  • Testing improvements. (#52)

1.1.0 - Jul 22, 2019

Semver Minor

  • Added the NIOWritePCAPHandler for synthesised packet captures. (#46)

Semver Patch

  • Miscellaneous repo cleanups. (#42, #43)