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  • shial4/SLazeKit 0.1.8 SLazeKit is a framework providing models mapper and CoreData serializer for RESTful resources.
  • vapor/fluent 3.0.0-rc.2.4.1 🖋 Swift ORM framework (queries, models, and relations) for building NoSQL and SQL database integrations.
  • apple/swift-package-manager swift-DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2018-05-24-a The Package Manager for the Swift Programming Language
  • gerardogrisolini/Webretail v1.0.0 Webretail - Retail Management System
  • vapor/core SR-6922 🌎 Utility package containing tools for byte manipulation, Codable, OS APIs, and debugging.
  • IBM/rainbow 1.0 Use Watson Visual Recognition and Core ML to create a Kitura-based iOS game that has a user search for a predetermined list of objects
  • vapor/sql 1.0.0 *️⃣ Build SQL queries in Swift. Extensible, protocol-based design that supports DQL, DML, and DDL.
  • PureSwift/Bluetooth 1.8.3 Pure Swift Bluetooth Definitions
  • mozilla-mobile/firefox-ios v10.6 Firefox for iOS
  • public-transport/FPTF.swift 0.2.0 Swift types for working with the friendly-public-transport-format