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Vapor is a web framework for Swift. It provides a beautifully expressive and easy to use foundation for your next website, API, or cloud project.

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Michael Dominick



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4.0.0-alpha.2 - Aug 2, 2019

  • Updated to OpenCrypto alpha 2 (#2031)
  • Updated to SSWG's official AsyncHTTPClient package (#2031)
  • Merged server and client websocket code into WebSocket (#2031)
// client 
return WebSocket.connect(
    to: "ws://echo.websocket.org/",
    on: req.eventLoop
) { ws in
    ws.send("Hello, world!")
    ws.onText { ws, text in
        ws.close().cascadeFailure(to: promise)

// server
router.webSocket("bar") { req, ws in
    ws.send("Hello, world!")
    ws.onText { ws, text in
        ws.close().cascadeFailure(to: promise)
  • BCrypt renamed to Bcrypt and included in Vapor (#2031)
let hash = try Bcrypt.hash("vapor")
print(hash) // $2b$12$Lmw/Zx2jSXgxE.r/8uipROCoh64KdPL7/mdEz38EqEFZDEu5JsAH2
try Bcrypt.verify("vapor", created: hash) // true
try Bcrypt.verify("foo", created: hash) // false

4.0.0-alpha.1.5.1 - Jul 29, 2019

  • Make MiddlewareConfiguration.use non-generic.

4.0.0-alpha.1.5 - Jun 25, 2019


  • Fixes a channel handler assertion when using WebSocket server (#2010, #2009)

4.0.0-alpha.1.4 - Jun 22, 2019


  • Adds a new overload to services.singleton that accepts a shutdown closure for cleanup (#2007)

4.0.0-alpha.1.3 - Jun 19, 2019


  • Client can now modify ClientRequest in a beforeSend closure (.POST can add data)
  • RoutesBuilder now has a delete method