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fastlane is a tool for iOS and Android developers to automate tedious tasks like generating screenshots, dealing with provisioning profiles, and releasing your application.

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Special thanks to all contributors for extending and improving fastlane.

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fastlane tracks a few key metrics to understand how developers are using the tool and to help us know what areas need improvement. No personal/sensitive information is ever collected. Metrics that are collected include:

  • The number of fastlane runs
  • A salted hash of the app identifier or package name, which helps us anonymously identify unique usage of fastlane

You can easily opt-out of metrics collection by adding opt_out_usage at the top of your Fastfile or by setting the environment variable FASTLANE_OPT_OUT_USAGE. Check out the metrics code on GitHub


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. See the LICENSE file.

This project and all fastlane tools are in no way affiliated with Apple Inc. This project is open source under the MIT license, which means you have full access to the source code and can modify it to fit your own needs. All fastlane tools run on your own computer or server, so your credentials or other sensitive information will never leave your own computer. You are responsible for how you use fastlane tools.


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2.168.0 Improvements -

  • [spaceship] add client optional parameter in model helpers (#17475) via Bolo Michelin
  • [match] support mac_installer_distribution certificate type (#17561) via Paul Taykalo
  • [action] add support for arrays in in slather action for binary_basename and FL_SLATHER_BINARY_BASENAME environment variable (#17606) via José González
  • [fastlane] also support NO_COLOR for disabling colors (#17611) via Benedek Kozma
  • [deliver] read values from SharedValues context only if needed. (#17616) via Roger Oba
  • [scan] fix crash on TestResultParser when disable_xcpretty=true (#17623) via Marcelo Gobetti
  • [supply] skip sending user fraction if it's 1.0 when promoting track (#17617) via Roger Oba

2.167.0 Improvements -

  • [match] skip committing changes when nuking if the repo is already empty (#17571) via Roger Oba
  • [Fastlane.Swift][update_fastlane] upgrade Fastlane.swift files (#17599) via Jean Mainguy
  • [pilot list] ignore nil install_counts (#17569) via Elliott Williams
  • [spaceship] Spaceship::ConnectAPI - added betaGroup delete and get builds for the group functions (#17588) via Krish
  • [deliver] add the latest 6.5 inch screenshot size (#17594) via Satoshi Namai
  • [actino] add_git_tag - make build_number parameter mutually exclusive with the tag. (#17573) via Roger Oba
  • [action] add --enable-code-coverage option to generate-xcodeproj command for the spm action (#17582) via Andrea Sacerdoti
  • [swift] fix: swiftformat issues (#17590) via Jean Mainguy
  • [pilot] update to new emoji regex (#17560) via Josh Holtz
  • [snapshot] move fake artifacts to temp directory in tests (#17559) via Josh Holtz
  • [fastlane_core] use additional key for fetching bundle ID from provisioning profile (#17553) via Paul Taykalo
  • [fastlane_core] disable colors for colorize gem too (#17547) via Benedek Kozma
  • [fastlane_core] install both old and new WWDR certificates (#17538) via Igor Makarov

2.166.0 Improvements -

  • [cert] fix issues where to_pem wasn't always getting called when creating a cert (#17540) via Josh Holtz
  • [action] update homebrew install for appledoc action (#17513) via seanmcneil
  • [fastlane_core][deliver] allow FASTLANE_ITUNES_TRANSPORTER_PATH to work again (#17502) via Josh Holtz
  • [action] update_fastlane fixed for rubygems > 3.1.0 and added homebrew support (#17530) via Josh Holtz
  • [supply] remove promoGraphic since no longer supported (#17518) via Max Ott
  • [snapshot] pass FASTLANE_LANGUAGE env variable to xcode for use in run scripts (#17505) via Josh Holtz
  • [scan] add Catalyst support (#17496) via Ingmar Stein

2.165.0 Improvements -

  • [spaceship] allow authentication to take key content instead of just its file path (#17369) via Roger Oba
  • [spaceship] added b2b and educational discount to app (#17490) via Josh Holtz
  • [sigh] fix undefined method owner_name with display_name in Sigh::Runner (#17432) via Addison Brickey
  • [action] match - Fix incorrect app_identifier description (#17480) via Iulian Onofrei
  • [cert] fixed "\x82" from ASCII-8BIT to UTF-8 (#17489) via Max Ott

2.164.0 Improvements -

  • [resign] add quotes around $APP_PATH variable to not silently fail when path has a space in it (#17354) via Nick Silvestro
  • [match] add skip certificate verification option to match import (#17251) via Nikola Nikolov
  • [scan] correctly default to empty device list (#17142) via John DeLong
  • [action] import_from_git - Add caching support (#17412) via Iulian Onofrei
  • [supply] upload Rejects releases with empty version_codes (#17405) via Tauan Miguel Lemos
  • [fastlane_core][snapshot][scan] collect sim logs starting for current process (#17465) via Lyndsey Ferguson
  • [match] add codesign: to partition IDs in match's keychain_importer (#17456) via Roger Oba
  • [sigh] fixed "\x82" from ASCII-8BIT to UTF-8 (#17446) via phil zhang
  • [action] App Store Connect API Key for set_changelog (#17445) via Theo Chupp
  • [action] fix register_devices to compare udids without case (#17433) via Josh Holtz
  • [deliver] optimize metadata uploading speed (#17422) via Satoshi Namai

2.163.0 Improvements -

  • [action] App Store Connect API Key for register_device and register_devices (#17426) via Josh Holtz
  • [snapshot] update SnapshotHelper.swift to work with tvOS (#17360) via Pierre Felgines
  • [cert][deliver][match][precheck][sigh] pull "api_key" config from shared lane context. (#17390) via Roger Oba
  • [gym] fix building project with unicode characters in a name (#17397) via Daniel Jankowski
  • [action] add is_key_content_base64 to app_store_connect_api_key to make easier for env and CI (#17401) via Josh Holtz
  • [actions] add App Store Connect API key to app_store_build_number action (#17413) via Jake Wood
  • [spaceship] show proper 401 error message for Spaceship::ConnectAPI (#17393) via Josh Holtz
  • [deliver] make automatic_release optional for app types that aren't a ble to set it (like Apple Arcade and Pre Release) (#17383) via Josh Holtz
  • [sigh] fix download_all to also use App Store Connect API Key (#17382) via Josh Holtz
  • [Fastlane.Swift] fix: beforeAll method not called (#17336) via Jean Mainguy

2.162.0 App Store Connect API Key for match, cert, and sigh -

  • [match] add support for App Store Connect API Key (#17291) via Josh Holtz
  • [sigh] add support for App Store Connect API Key (#17265) via Josh Holtz
  • [cert] migrate to App Store Connect API endpoints and can use App Store Connect API Key (#17263) via Josh Holtz
  • [deliver] fix screenshot uploads issue when overwrite_screenshot option is set to false (#17346) via Satoshi Namai
  • [fastlane_core] skip analytics message on first run if opted out (#17345) via Brandon Siegel
  • [deliver] transform string key to symbol, since hash args in options from CLI keyed by string (#17302) via TragedyStar
  • [spaceship] add ability to delete multiple beta testers at a time (#17304) via Eric Wu
  • [spaceship] support for adding & removing users (#17315) via Max Ott

2.161.0 Improvements -

  • [action] add file ignore param for ensure_git_status_clean (#17115) via Devzhr
  • [action[ set http request read_timeout to 300 seconds for download_dsyms (#17262) via Pranav Raj
  • [Fastlane.swift] fix crash in LaneFileProtocol.swift when executing fastlane Swift without using SPM (#17276) via Roger Oba
  • [pilot] make key contents sensitive (#17256) via Roger Oba
  • [action] fixed issue in app_store_connect_api_key with loading key content from env variable (#17322) via Josh Holtz
  • [spaceship] checks is not nil on Spaceship::ConnectAPI.patch_app (#17261) via Abraão Levi de Oliveira Figueredo
  • [spaceship] modify Net::HTTPGenericRequest monkeypatch so that only Apple domains are affected (#17218) via Ash Tyndall

2.160.0 Deliver supports App Store Connect API Key -

  • [spaceship] support PENDING_APPLE_RELEASE (#17254) via Josh Holtz
  • [deliver] add support for App Store Connect API Key (#17238) via Josh Holtz
  • [deliver] add retry when fetching edit app version and edit app info (#17235) via Josh Holtz
  • [frameit] allow setting font_weight for keyword/title (#17159) via Herbert Poul
  • [actions] add filter date to download_dsyms (#17228) via Mark Woollard

2.159.0 Improvements -

  • [spaceship] add skip_select_team to Spaceship::ConnectAPI.login (#17215) via Josh Holtz
  • [Fastlane.swift] Swift Package Manager support (#16844) via Jorge
  • [actions] fixing an issue where last_git_tag command sometimes didn't return the correct tag based on pattern when the commit has multiple tags applied (#17204) via Gligor Kotushevski
  • [match] fixed an issue that caused match import command to create wrong names for some provisioning profiles. (#17213) via Nikola Nikolov
  • [deliver] fix UploadMetadata taking too long to run (#17169) via Pierluigi D'Andrea
  • [snapshot] fix snapshot landscape orientation issue (#17180) via Jari Kalinainen
  • [spaceship] fix Spaceship::ConnectAPI.get_app_price_points (#17200) via Josh Holtz

2.158.0 Improvements -

  • [precheck] migrate to App Store Connect API (except for IAPs) (#17167) via Josh Holtz
  • [spaceship] pause, resume and complete a appstore version in phased release (#17165) via polmum

2.157.4 Improvements -

  • [spaceship][match] fix and improve team selection flow with Spaceship::ConnectAPI client (#17160) via Josh Holtz

2.157.3 Improvements -

  • [actions] fix download_dsyms, app_store_build_number, and test_flight_build_number (#17148) via Josh Holtz
  • [deliver] update example rating config json (#17138) via Josh Holtz
  • [spaceship] automatically select Spaceship::Portal or Spaceship::Tunes team if env is set when logging into Spaceship:: ConnectAPI (#17136) via Josh Holtz
  • [match] fix occasional auth issues with App Store Connect (#17133) via Josh Holtz
  • [resign] add full sed path for resign.sh (#17075) via Keith Smiley
  • [spaceship] add endpoint AppPricePoint (#17078) via Bolo Michelin
  • [spaceship] get selected build from App Store Version (#17118) via Josh Holtz

2.157.2 Improvements -

  • [spaceship] share tunes and portal session when logging in with apple id from connect api (#17110) via Josh Holtz

2.157.1 Improvements -

  • [deliver] fix upload screenshot when display type not yet created (#17106) via Josh Holtz
  • [screengrab] handle permission denied during screengrab adb pull (#17101) via Aman Gupta Karmani
  • [screengrab] pass adb_path into AdbHelper (#17099) via Aman Gupta Karmani
  • [spaceship] separate portal team id and tunes team id (#17104) via Josh Holtz

2.157.0 Improvements -

  • [deliver] improve screenshot uploading verification (#17060) via Satoshi Namai
  • [screengrab] Wait for device to reconnect after adb root (#17077) via Olivier Halligon
  • [action] fix formatting syntax error on commit_version_bump (#17092) via Sandeep M
  • [gym] safer logic getting last 5 lines of logs (#17096) via Christian Schmidt
  • [pilot][spaceship][action] set ASC API key in pilot, new app_store_connect_api_key action, and spaceship fixes for both of those (#17061) via Josh Holtz
  • [spaceship] improve multiple sessions and multiple auth types (#17042) via Josh Holtz
  • [action] Add support to exclude files from sonar qube analysis (#17049) via David Cacenabes

Using the App Store Connect API Key

  • pilot is the first tool to fully support authorization with the API Key
  • Go to https://docs.fastlane.tools/app-store-connect-api/ to read more on fastlane and the App Store Connect API
    • Learn about the new app_store_connect_api_key action
    • Learn about the fastlane App Store Connect JSON API Key file format
    • See that status of tools that support the App Store Connect API Key

2.156.1 Improvements -

  • [deliver] fix upload_screenshots when not using upload_to_app_store for screenshots (#17051) via Satoshi Namai
  • [deliver] fix upload screenshots when no screenshots (#17040) via Josh Holtz

2.156.0 Improvements -

  • [deliver] make uploading and deleting screenshots more efficient (#16972) via Satoshi Namai
  • [gym][scan][snapshot] xcodebuild -resolvePackageDependencies missing -derivedDataPath (#16986) via Adriaan Duz
  • [screengrab] fix permission Issues on API > 21 (#17006) via Greg Billetdeaux

2.155.3 Hotfix -

  • [sigh] fix for sending up template_name to ASC API (#17022) via Josh Holtz

2.155.2 Hotfix -

  • [sigh] improve device logic and tests (#17018) via Josh Holtz

2.155.1 Hotfix -

  • [sigh] fix issue with dev development devices (#17009) via Josh Holtz

2.155.0 Improvements -

  • [spaceship] use created_date for fetching latest app store version (#17005) via Josh Holtz
  • [snapshot] add suppress_xcode_output option (#16982) via Roger Oba
  • [supply] add support for ack_bundle_installation_warning - updated (#16971) via Michael Miko
  • [deliver] fix language detection for HtmlGenerator (#16979) via Mattias Pfeiffer
  • [match] fix Google Cloud Storage Crash When No Fastfile Is Being Used (#16983) via Roger Oba
  • [match][sigh][gym] migrate to new App Store Connect API and improve building with Catalyst (#16158) via Josh Holtz
  • [action] create_keychain - Populate KEYCHAIN_NAME to lane variables upon creation of keychain (#16920) via Alex Benoit
  • [spaceship] allow modify is_opted_in_to_distribute_ios_app_on_mac_app_store on Spaceship::ConnectAPI:App (#16973) via Josh Holtz

2.154.0 Improvements -

  • [match] fix failing tests from merge (#16968) via Josh Holtz
  • [deliver] Fixed filename for review information of AppStoreConnect (#16963) via はるふ
  • [match] add git private key support for match (#16457) via Morten Bøgh
  • [fastlane] adds git_pull rebase option (#16592) via Benjamin Borowski
  • [deliver] fixed crash on running 'deliver download_metadata' (#16964) via はるふ
  • [gym] iOS Export Options "Destination" Handling (#16609) via DomenicBianchi01
  • [frameit] look for title.strings in parent folders (#16630) via Robert Sasak
  • [spaceship] add shortcuts for getting current pending release and current in revi… (#16808) via Addison Brickey
  • [snapshot] add headless option (#16863) via Andreas Ganske
  • [fastlane_core] update the simulator device state (#16936) via Lyndsey Ferguson
  • [action] add --use-netrc option to carthage action (#16942) via Tatsuya Tanaka
  • [spaceship ]fix: infinite retry of with_asc_retry (#16953) via Valerio Castelli
  • [pilot] remove < from pilot changelog (#16933) via Alex Benoit

2.153.1 Improvements -

  • [deliver] fix for reverse attribute mapping for app store review detail (#16930) via Josh Holtz

2.153.0 Improvements -

  • [deliver] verify all screenshot deleted succesfully (#16842) via Josh Holtz
  • [frameit] Add font_size parameter (#16870) via Andreas Ganske
  • [action] download_dsyms - add option to pass build_number as an integer (#16900) via Alex Benoit
  • [spaceship] add endpoint availableTerritories (#16877) via Bolo Michelin
  • [fastlane] fix other_action to run in root project directory (#16889) via Jorge
  • [scan] fix empty simulator logs (#16833) via Lyndsey Ferguson
  • [spaceship] feat: support appStoreVersionReleaseRequests (#16765) via Valerio Castelli
  • [action] erb uses ErbTemplateHelper and adds trim mode (#16882) via Josh Holtz
  • [deliver] reimplementing tests from 2.150.0 (#16880) via Josh Holtz
  • [deliver] fetches app with Spaceship::ConnectAPI (#16857) via Josh Holtz

2.152.0 Improvements -

  • [deliver] update app version before localization to prevent invalid state (#16843) via Josh Holtz
  • [fastlane] ignore vendor debug check when running tests (#16822) via Ben Scheirman
  • [actions] update danger to 8, lock faraday to <1 (#16793) via Anton Rieder
  • [pilot] add new distribute_only option (similar to 'fastlane pilot distribute' command) (#16816) via Josh Holtz
  • [action] git_branch - add support for CircleCI env variable (#16794) via Dalton Claybrook
  • [deliver] make individual_metadata_items optional to fix deprecation warning (#16805) via Roger Oba
  • [deliver][copy] fix & improve example IDFA copy (#16807) via Roger Oba

2.151.2 Improvements -

  • [fastlane] replace blank? with to_s.empty? (#16804) via Josh Holtz
  • [deliver][spaceship] fix some small typos (#16801) via Josh Holtz
  • Fixes issue where Aws::Credentials were being initialized with blank (#16798) via Austin Treat Emmons
  • [fastlane_core] escape xcrun itmstransporter password for special characters (#16795) via Josh Holtz
  • [deliver] Update fakefs to 1.2.x (#16791) via Anton Rieder
  • [spaceship] return model (not response) from create) (#16786) via Josh Holtz
  • [deliver] implement parallel screenshot download (#16654) via Vadim Smal

2.151.1 Improvements -

  • [spaceship] remove xml parser from Spaceship::ConnectAPI::FileUploader (#16787) via Josh Holtz

2.151.0 Improvements -

  • [fastlane_core] strip upload param env before checking (#16783) via Josh Holtz
  • [deliver] set default ITMSTransporter transport flag to blank #16749 (#16774) via Krzysztof Romanowski
  • [action] add retry to notarize when request uuid isn't ready (#16782) via Josh Holtz
  • [match] always checkout the specified branch as master may not be the default branch (#16622) via Morten Bøgh
  • [spaceship] loosen jwt dependency (#16778) via Anton Rieder
  • [spaceship] update sinatra to 2.x (uses rack 2.x) (#16776) via Anton Rieder
  • [fastlane] fix S3ClientHelper side effects (#16687) via Austin Treat Emmons
  • [deliver] set type of auto release date to integer (#16767) via Josh Holtz
  • [action] run setup_keychain on macOS environments only (#16733) via Sean Reinhardt
  • [match] add s3_object_prefix option to match's S3Storage. (#16682) via Austin Treat Emmons
  • [sigh][resign] fix typo in resign.rb (#16705) via Eduardo Pelitti
  • [fastlane] extend socket failure payload (#16632) via Ray Deck
  • [sigh][resign] OnDemandResources (#16669) via steven 'haji' hajducko
  • [fastlane] change the brew cask install fastlane in any output to brew install fastlane (#16670) via Steven Conaway
  • [Fastlane.swift] add formatter to Fastlane.swift (#16693) via Jorge
  • [pilot] update docs to include App Store Connect roles (#16766) via Josh Holtz
  • [spaceship] remove multi_xml dependency (#16697) via Anton Rieder
  • [spaceship] remove babosa fix (#16699) via Anton Rieder
  • [deliver] fix typo: delcaration => declaration (#16756) via Koen Punt
  • [action] upload_symbols_to_crashlytics - add support for debug flag (#16745) via Yang Su
  • [action] add synchronous option to pod_push (#16698) via Ivan Artemiev

2.150.3 Improvements -

  • [deliver] fix iPad iMessage Screenshot Typo (#16752) via Chandler Huff
  • [spaceship] add requester fields Spaceship::ConnectAPI::Certificate (#16753) via Addison Brickey
  • [deliver] use utc for autoreleasdate (#16754) via Josh Holtz