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Virtual Wallet for Swift Vapor. Adds support for wallets and transactions for `Fluent` models.
.package(url: "https://github.com/hsharghi/vapor-wallet.git", from: "v0.9.2")


Vapor Logo Swift 5.2 Logo MIT License

VaporWallet - Easy to work with virtual wallet for Swift Vapor framework

This package is inspired by Laravel-Wallet

Usage guide

In your Package.swift file, add the following

.package(url: "https://github.com/hsharghi/vapor-wallet.git", from: "0.9.3")

.target(name: "App", dependencies: [
    .product(name: "Vapor", package: "vapor"),
    .product(name: "VaporWallet", package: "vapor-wallet")

Setup model

Simply conform any Model to HasWallet protocol and now you model has a virtual wallet.

final class User: Model {
    static let schema = "users"
    @ID(key: .id)
    var id: UUID?

extension User: HasWallet {
    static let idKey = \User.$id


In configure add migrations

import VaporWallet

public func configure(_ app: Application) throws {



Now User instances can have access to a wallet.

Using wallets repository

let repo = user.walletsRepository(on: db)

try repo.create()

try repo.deposit(amount: 100)
try repo.withdraw(amount: 20, ["description": "buy some cool feature"])

Auto create wallet

If you want a default wallet to be created when a model is saved to database you can use the provided database middleware with the package:

Wallet balance

Wallet balance is not automatically refreshed on every transaction by default. You need to refresh balance to get the updated balance of the wallet.

try repo.create()
try repo.deposit(amount: 100)

repo.default().balance().map { balance in 
    // balance is Double(100)

It is recommended to add the provided database middleware to auto-refresh wallet balance with each transaction (deposit/withdraw).


repo.balance().map { balance in 
    // balance is allways up-to-date 

Confirm deposit

Deposit to a wallet can be unconfirmed. It will not calculated in wallet balance. you can confirm it later by accessing the transaction's confirm method. After confirming transaction(s), wallets balance is automatically refreshed (unless use autoRefresh: false parameter). But if you confirm a transaction manually by running fluent queries, you need to call refreshBalance() method to update the wallet's balance.

repo.deposit(amount: 100, confirmed: false)
// balance is 0

repo.unconfirmedTransactions().map { transactions in
    transactions.map { repo.confirm(transaction: $0 }
// balance is 100

// OR

repo.confirmAll(type: .default)
// balance is 100

// manuallty confirm transactions
wallet.$transactions.query(on: db)
.set(\.$confirmed, to: true)
// balance is 0

// now balance is 100

Multiple wallets

Any model conformed to HasWallet can have multiple wallets.

let savingsWallet = WalletType(name: "savings")
let myWallet = WalletType(name: "my-wallet")

repo.create(type: myWallet)
repo.create(type: savingsWallet)

repo.deposit(to: myWallet, amount: 100)
repo.deposit(to: savingsWallet, amount: 15)

repo.withdraw(from: myWallet, amount: 25)
repo.balance(type: myWallet)
// balance is 75

Transfering funds between wallets

Funds can be transfered between wallets of same user or different users. Transfering funds between wallets of a single user can be done with wallet types,

repo.transfer(from: myWallet, to: savingsWallet, amount: 10)

But transfering funds to a wallet of another user requires to get the wallet model first, then transfer the fund to it.

let repo1 = user1.walletsRepository(on: db)
let repo2 = user2.walletsRepository(on: db)

repo2.default().map { walletUser2 in
    repo1.transfer(from: .default, to: walletUser2, amount: 10)
    // this will transfer 10 from user1's default wallet to user2's default wallet

Working with fractional numbers

All transaction amounts and wallet balances are stored as Integer values. But balance is allways returned as Double. So if you like you can get wallet balance as a decimal value based on decimal places of the wallet. Deposit and withdraw amounts can be both Integer or Double, but at the end both will be stored as Integer

repo.create(type: .default, decimalPlaces: 2)
repo.deposit(amount: 100)
repo.balance().map { balance in 
    // balance is Double(100)

repo.deposit(amount: 1.45)
repo.balance().map { balance in 
    // balance is Double(245)   100+145

repo.balance(asDecimal: true).map { balance in 
    // Double(2.45)

All fractional amounts in transactions will be truncated to decimalPlaces of the wallet. Default value when creating a wallet is 2.

repo.create(type: .default, decimalPlaces: 2)
repo.deposit(amount: 1.555)
repo.balance().map { balance in 
    // balance is 155 not 155.5 and not 1555 

Known issues

  • Using HasWallet protocol is limited to models with UUID primary key.
  • Transfering funds between wallets with different decimalPlaces values have unknown result.


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