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SideMenu is a simple Android navigation drawer implementation for SwiftUI
.package(url: "https://github.com/Vidhyadharan24/SideMenu.git", from: "0.1.0")



SideMenu is a simple side menu Navigation control written in SwiftUI for SwiftUI

Preview Samples

Left Panel Right Panel


  • ☑ Xcode 11
  • ☑ Swift 5.1
  • ☑ iOS 13 or higher.


Swift Package Manager

Select the project in Navigator, go to the Swift Packages tab and add the following url




SideMenu takes a single view binding for the center view and an instance of SideMenuConfig class as paramenters, depending on the requirments SideMenu can be initialized with either the left, right or both panel.

import SideMenu 

struct MainView : View {
    var body: some View {
        SideMenu(leftMenu: LeftMenu(),
                 rightMenu: RightMenu(),
                 centerView: LatestPhotosView())

Toggling panels

SideMenu exposes the panel state using environment values, to show or hide a given panel declare the relevant environment variable and update the environment variables wrapped value.

import SideMenu

struct MyView: View {
    @Environment(\.sideMenuLeftPanelKey) var sideMenuLeftPanel
    var body: some View {
	   self.sideMenuLeftPanel.wrappedValue = true

similary the panel gesture can be enabled or disabled using the environment key (.sideMenuGestureModeKey)



SideMenuConfig supports the following customizations

    // color of the background view. Default is Color.black
    public var menuBGColor: Color
    // The opacity of the menu background view. Default is 0.3
    public var menuBGOpacity: Double
    // The width of the menu. Default is 300
    public var menuWidth: Length
    // The duration taken by the menu to slide out. Default is 0.3
    public var animationDuration: Double    

Known Issues

  • Shimmers when active causes the simulator and mac OS to stutter. Run the example app in device to prevent stuttering.


For the shimmering effect go to https://github.com/Vidhyadharan-Mohanram/ShimmerView for more details.


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Release Notes

Initial Release
1 year ago

Moved the SideMenu environment keys and EnvironmentValues to a separate class.

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