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1.4.5 -

Fixed issues:

  • App Freeze when sideMenuController is not in hierarchy. #71

Closed issues:

  • Thread 1: EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION (code=EXC_I386_INVOP, subcode=0x0) in preferredStatusBarStyle method #68
  • didHideMenuViewController is never called #62
  • need swift 5 support #58
  • Failed to verify bitcode in AKSideMenu.framework #55

1.4.4 -

Fixed bugs:

  • didHideMenuViewController delegate is never called. #53

Closed issues:

  • space at top right and left corner of navigation bar while using aksidemenu #60
  • ContentViewCornerRadius is available? #57
  • Sidemenu stuck in swipe #50
  • How to Pass an object from RootViewController to contentViewController #49
  • Instance member 'autoresizingMask' cannot be used on type 'UIView' #48
  • Calling variable sideMenuViewController in UIViewController extension freezes the app when it is not in view heirarchy #47
  • How to show side menu from Other view controller ? #36

1.4.3 -

Fix Sidemenu stuck in swipe #50

1.4.2 -

Migrate to Swift 4.2

1.4.1 -

Add corner radius to content view Fix navigation bar when scaling UINavigationController's view in iOS 11

1.4.0 -

Migrate to Swift 4.0 Add optional delegate method to AKSideMenuDelegate to enable support for simultaneous gesture recognitions. Thanks @roccx Add optional delegate methods to AKSideMenuDelegate to create custom gesture failure requirements. Thanks @roccx

1.3.5 -

Avoid crashing when notifying delegates. Avoid force unwraps. @CodeReaper Fix Status bar issue #17

1.3.3 -

Add Carthage support. Thanks @bitomule

1.3.2 -

Change "weak self" from animation block to "unowned". Thanks @nschucky Fix storyboard ids IBInspectables. Allow creating "AKSideMenu" derived classes. Thanks @CodeReaper

1.3.1 -

AKSideMenuDelegate should be weak to avoid reference cycles Swift lint

1.3.0 -

Make RightSide/LeftSide Menu as optional #7

1.2 -

Migrate to Swift 3.0 Integrate Simple example using cocoapods Integrate Storyboard example using cocoapods

1.1.1 -

Fix some visibility issues

1.1 -

Update of the status bar on the hide menu is now called at the completion Make background scale customisable Override supportedInterfaceOrientations method and passthrough contentViewController's supportedInterfaceOrientations New IBInspectable property panFromEdgeZoneWidth. It contains the width of zone, where user's pan gesture should be recognised Enable/disable left/right pan gesture recognition (panGestureLeftEnabled/panGestureRightEnabled)

1.0 -

Initial release