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urjhams/Networking back-up
This package supports the network layer based on URLSession with REST API request with JSON response.
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iOS macOS
.package(url: "https://github.com/urjhams/Networking.git", from: "back-up")


Formalized API requests calling by using URLSession.

Swift 5 Platform iOS Platform iPadOS Platform watchOS Platform macOS Platform tvOS Platform macCatalyst License: MIT


Swift Package Manager

dependencies: [
            url: "[email protected]:urjhams/Networking.git",
            from: "1.0.0"


Get the Networking instance

let networking = Network.shared

The Request object

With any Http request call, a single request object is used as the input. Create a Request object will automatically prepare the neccessary components for the request to use like header, parameter, etc. We can then later extract an URLRequest from this Request object.

let postRequest = Request(
    from: "https://api.m3o.com/v1/helloworld/Call",
    as: .post,
    authorization: .bearerToken(
      token: "YzhiYmFlNTUtNDE2Mi00MDk5LTg1Y2UtNmNmZDFmMWE1MzY2"
    parameters: ["name" : "Quan"]

Standard call with callbacks

// send a request with call back
networking.sendRequest(postRequest) { result in
  switch result {
  case .success(let data):
    // do something with the data
  case .failure(let error):
    // do something with the error

// get a decoded json object from a request task
  from: postRequest
) { result in
  switch result {
  case .success(let sample):
    // do something with the success model with type `Sample`
  case .failure(_):

Concurrency with async / await (available from iOS 13+, watchOS 6+, macOS 11+)

get(_:, from:) has a supported version for concurrency. All we need to do is declare the output with the expected Type for the generic requirement and apply try await.

  let sample = try await networking.get(Sample.self, from: postRequest)
  // do something with the success model with type `Sample`
  // to simply get Data and HttpResponse:
  let (data, response) = try await networking.sendRequest(postRequest)

Combine usage

var subscription = Set<AnyCancellable>()
  .publisher(for: Sample.self, from: postRequest)
  .sink { completion in
    switch completion {
    case .finished:
    case .failure(let error):
      print("got an error: \(error.localizedDescription)")
  } receiveValue: { sample in
    // do something with the data received
  .store(in: &subscription)

Connectivity Observing

from iOS 12.0+, macOS 10.14+, the connectivity can be monitor via the monitor object. This object is a static object. All we need to do is append the desired handle via Network.Connectivity.monitorChangeHandlers static property. This stack up a list of handles we want call whenever there is a change of each network availability state, and we can stack a handle from everywhere in the project.

let handler: Networking.Connectivity.Handler  = { state in
  switch state {
  case .available:
    // do something
  case .unavailable:
    // do something
  case .noConnection:
    // do something



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Release Notes

No more require Codable type
2 weeks ago

The goal of the package is to get the JSON response and decode it into an expected data type. So the expected data type now just needs to conform to Decodable, instead of Codable(which includes both Decodable and Encodable).

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