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statsig-io/ios-sdk v1.33.1
Statsig's SDK for client-side iOS applications.
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🕓 3 days ago
iOS macOS tvOS
.package(url: "https://github.com/statsig-io/ios-sdk.git", from: "v1.33.1")

Statsig iOS SDK

The Statsig iOS SDK for single user client environments. It works for both Swift and Objective-C. If you need a SDK for another language or server environment, check out our other SDKs.

Statsig helps you move faster with feature gates (feature flags), and/or dynamic configs. It also allows you to run A/B/n tests to validate your new features and understand their impact on your KPIs. If you're new to Statsig, check out our product and create an account at statsig.com.

Getting Started

Check out our SDK docs to get started.


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Last commit: 3 days ago
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Release Notes

v1.33.1 - Add 'weak' reference when self is captured by closure
3 days ago

Looking to address https://github.com/statsig-io/ios-sdk/issues/6

Included In This Release

  • 971fd087e914e539aaf324ffa5b6054c4e19d1a5 Daniel
    • Use 'weak' for references captured by closures (#222)
  • b4016d60d7aef0e6fe1d2331f4a34adeb0b948c8 Daniel
    • Update kong.yaml (#223)
  • eddffeb51ffca2ba96102b8112d227123069b35b Daniel Loomb
    • Delete unused Examples

Full Changelog: https://github.com/statsig-io/ios-sdk/compare/v1.33.0...v1.33.1

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