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Appboy/appboy-ios-sdk 4.6.0
Public repo for the Braze iOS SDK
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🕓 6 weeks ago
.package(url: "https://github.com/Appboy/appboy-ios-sdk.git", from: "4.6.0")

⚠ The new Braze Swift SDK is now available! ⚠

The Appboy iOS SDK (Objective-C SDK) is no longer in active development. All new iOS features Braze releases, like Live Activities and Feature Flags, will only be supported on the Swift SDK. Any further updates the Appboy iOS SDK receives will only address security or critical bugs. After March 1, 2024 this repository will no longer be maintained.

See our blog post for more information.


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  • AppboyKit - Contains the variant of our SDK.
  • AppboyUI - Contains the open-source UI code of our SDK. Not all of the UI code of the SDK is open-source.
  • Samples - Contains sample apps for different Braze features.
  • Example - Contains the Stopwatch Sample App which contains integration examples for the iOS SDK.
    • The Stopwatch Sample App uses our CocoaPods integration (Appboy-iOS-SDK), so you must :
      1. Install CocoaPods
      2. Run pod install in the Example directory
      3. Open the Stopwatch.xcworkspace to open the project.

Version Support

  • The iOS SDK supports iOS 11.0+.
  • This SDK is built using Xcode 14.2.
    • SDK versions prior to 4.6.0 were built with Xcode 13.x or older.

Carthage compatible as a prebuilt framework. Building from source currently not supported, see #85.


If you have questions, please contact [email protected].


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Last commit: 6 weeks ago
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Release Notes

6 weeks ago

This release requires Xcode 14.x.


  • Drops support for iOS 9 and iOS 10.
  • Removes support for the outdated .framework assets when importing via Carthage in favor of the modern .xcframework assets.
    • Use the command carthage update --use-xcframeworks to import the appropriate Braze asset.
    • Removes support for appboy_ios_sdk_full.json in favor of using appboy_ios_sdk.json by including these lines in your Cartfile:
      binary "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Appboy/appboy-ios-sdk/master/appboy_ios_sdk.json"
      github "SDWebImage/SDWebImage"
  • Improves resilience when triggering in-app messages with date property filters.
  • Adds a new option ABKReenqueueInAppMessage to enum ABKInAppMessageDisplayChoice.
    • Return this option in beforeInAppMessageDisplayed: of an ABKInAppMessageControllerDelegate to ensure that an in-app message is not displayed and becomes eligible to trigger again.
    • This option will reset any trigger times and re-eligibility rules as if it was never triggered. It will not add the message to the in-app message stack.

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