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DeckKit is a tiny library that helps you create card-based apps in SwiftUI.


Version Platform Swift 5.3 MIT License Twitter: @danielsaidi

About DeckKit

DeckKit is a tiny SwiftUI library that can help you create deck-based apps.

With DeckKit, you can present any model that implements CardItem as cards. It can look like this:

I will add a stunning (well...) logo and improve the documentation after the library gets 50 stars or the first external issue. Until then, create issues or reach out to me if you need help.


Swift Package Manager



pod DeckKit

How does it work

I will add better documentation if anyone starts using this library, but basically it works like this:

  • CardItem is a protocol that inherits Identifiable and Equatable
  • A Deck can be created with any CardItem collection.

Decks can be used as plain data objects, but can also bre presented with SwiftUI.

Presenting a deck

A Deck can be presented in many ways, including these two built in views:

  • StackedDeck stacks cards on top of eachother and lets the user swipe cards off the top.
  • HorizontalDeck presents cards in a horizontal list.

You can easily build your own Deck-based views as well, using plain SwiftUI.

Demo app

This repo contains a very basic, universal demo app that runs on iOS 14 and macOS 11.

Just open the Demo project and run the app on either platform.

The library could run on tvOS as well, but the demo currently has no tvOS app.


This library wouldn't have been made without this amazing card tutorial.

Contact me

Feel free to reach out if you have questions or if you want to contribute in any way:


DeckKit is available under the MIT license. See LICENSE file for more info.


Stars: 98
Last commit: 8 weeks ago


- 2020-10-04T19:55:19

The deck init params for StackedDeck and HorizontalDeck has been changed to a binding.

This gives you better control over the deck, removes UI glitches and helped me remove a bunch of state for visible cards in StackDeck, which means that deck modifications now instantly trigger UI changes.

I have added a shuffle button to the demo to demonstrate how much better the stacked deck performs.

The StackedDeck has been improved in more ways:

  • I have changed the order of how the vertical offset and scale effect are applied, which fixes a UI glitch.
  • I have added swipeLeft/Right/Up/Down actions, which let you trigger actions depending on how a card is swiped off the top.

The DeckContext class is still in the library, but is not used by the library itself.