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blinkcard/blinkcard-swift-package v2.9.0
Swift Package for BlinkCard SDK iOS
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.package(url: "https://github.com/blinkcard/blinkcard-swift-package.git", from: "v2.9.0")

Swift Package for BlinkCard SDK iOS

BlinkCard is a component for quick and easy scanning of payment cards. This particular repository provides a swift package for standard BlinkCard SDK which is available as a .xcframework here.

Please follow the integration and licensing instructions from that repository, and to use swift package manager, refer to section Swift Package integration.


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Release Notes

3 weeks ago


What's new in the BlinkCard Recognizer?

  • Improved scanning performance and added support for virtually any card layout
  • Improved IBAN parser which now supports more IBAN formats
  • Added option allowInvalidCardNumber which allows reading invalid card numbers to avoid endless scanning on samples and test cards:
    • use with care as it might reduce accuracy in certain situations in production
    • for invalid card number the flag cardNumberValid in BlinkCardRecognizerResult will be set to false


  • Better support for RTL languages in our default UX

Breaking API changes:

  • Removed legacy recognizers: LegacyBlinkCardRecognizer and LegacyBlinkCardEliteRecognizer

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