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Bayer-Group/GeospatialKit 1.1.3
Geospatial iOS framework for GeoJson with mapping, imaging, and everything from GeospatialSwift
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.package(url: "https://github.com/Bayer-Group/GeospatialKit.git", from: "1.1.3")


Carthage Compatible Swift 5

What is GeospatialKit?

GeospatialKit is an extension to GeospatialSwift which adds support for cocoa functionaity.

A GeoJsonObject can now be projected as an image or zoomed and rendered to a map.


  • Unit tested with high coverage
  • Ongoing development


github "MonsantoCo/GeospatialKit" ~> 0.1.0

Geospatial Example

  • An Example application which supplies the most common use cases of GeoJson
  • Parses all use cases into GeoJsonObjects and displays the options in a table view



  • The main interface consists of 2 new sub interface and includes those in the Geospacial Interface from GeospatialSwift.



  • Simple API to assist in displaying a GeoJsonObject on a map
  • Easily zoom in on the GeoJsonObject by setting the region to geoJsonObject.boundingBox.region
  • Generate overlays and annotations from any GeoJsonObject
  • Generate an overlay renderer from any overlay created by the API
  • Displays rendered zoomed overlays and annotations on a map view.



  • Create an image from any GeoJsonObject using point projection
  • Displays an image view as created from a GeoJsonObect


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Release Notes

Core Location and Map Kit extensions
2 years ago

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