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Carthage Compatible Swift 4.2 Platforms

What is TimberSwift?

A library to send all messages from either frameworks or the parent application to the parent application for consumption. This means the parent application will solely be responsible for sending to: The console, UI toasting, monitoring network activity, sending to Flurry / Google Analytics / Firebase / Crashlytics, some logging solution, or > /dev/null.


  • Logging
    • Error, Warning, Debug, Info
    • A console friendly message is passed to the parent application
    • Errors are ALSO passed to a seperate method and are expected to be logged to an error logging solution such as Crashlytics non-fatal logging
  • Analytics
    • Set screen name for workflow
    • Log an event
  • User Messaging
    • Toast messages
  • Performance
    • Measuring the time is takes between starting, incrementating, and stopping a trace.
  • Networking
    • Network Activity



github "MonsantoCo/TimberSwift" ~> 0.1.0

Package Manager

.package(url: "git@github.com:MonsantoCo/TimberSwift.git", from: "0.1.0")


Create a Timber object and begin using any or all of the workflows

timber.performance.startTrace(key: "Some Key", properties: ["Some": "Things for the trace"])
timber.performance.incrementTraceCounter(key: "Some Key")
timber.performance.stopTrace(key: "Some Key")
timber.log.debug("A message", properties: ["More": "Info"])
timber.log.info("A message", properties: ["More": "Info"])
timber.log.warning("A message", properties: ["More": "Info"])
timber.log.error("A message", errorType: .http(statusCode: 500), properties: ["Error": "Info"])
timber.userMessage.toast("Hi There", displayTime: 2.0, type: .success)
timber.analytics.setScreen(title: "The Main Map")
timber.analytics.recordEvent(title: "Downloading Everything", properties: ["Specific": "Info"])

The parent application should assign itself as the TimberApplicationDelegate as soon as possble to receive any and all messages from Timber objects.

func setScreen(title: String, source: Source)
func recordEvent(title: String, properties: [String: Any]?, source: Source)
func log(_ logMessage: LogMessage)
func log(_ error: TimberError)
func toast(_ message: String, displayTime: TimeInterval, type: ToastType, source: Source)
func startTrace(key: String, identifier: UUID?, properties: [String: Any]?, source: Source)
func incrementTraceCounter(key: String, identifier: UUID?, named: String, by count: Int, source: Source)
func stopTrace(key: String, identifier: UUID?, source: Source)
func networkActivityStarted(source: Source)
func networkActivityEnded(source: Source)


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0.1.4 - Dec 12, 2018

Added an identifier to Performance Trace for tracking multiple asynchronous calls

0.1.3 - Dec 12, 2018

0.1.2 - Jun 1, 2018