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Gluecamole is a simple way to edit your xcode project template worked with cookiecutter.


  • Download and transform cookiecutter xcode template to version which can be oppened and edited with xcode
  • Reverse transform to cookiecutter syntax version
  • Automaticly commit and push to your template repository after reverse transform complets
  • Open downloaded template folder in finder


  • masOS 10.10+
  • Xcode 10.0+


Gluecamole is useful if you have repository with cookiecutter xcode template and you want to edit your template in xcode with ability to build to see mistakes. To use it run gluecamole transform anywhere. So we have automaticly opened project which we can edit and launch, but what about transform that project reverse to cookiecutter style? For that you should just call gluecamole confirms or gluecamole confirms --push for automaticly commit and push to reverted changes to template repository. Also if you need to edit files or derictories you can call gluecamole open to open downloaded template in Finder.

Run gluecamole help to see available options:

Usage: Gluecamole <command> [options]

Transform template to normalize project

transform       Transform template to normalize project
confirms        Confirms current changes and revert project to cookiecutter style
open            Open template directoy in finder
help            Prints help information
version         Prints the current version of this app


Homebrew (recommended):

$ brew tap rosberry/homebrew
$ brew install gluecamole


Stanislav Klyukhin, stanislavak314@gmail.com


This project is owned and maintained by Rosberry. We build mobile apps for users worldwide 🌏.

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Fastfood is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


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