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Version: 1.0.0 Swift: 5.0 Platforms: iOS License: MIT

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Getting Started

Here's a few simple steps to configure this project after checking it out:

  1. Run brew bundle in the command line and wait for tools to be installed (requires Homebrew)
  2. Run beak run link to link the Beak scripts properly for execution, then restart your terminal
  3. Run project install to make sure you have all required tools and dependencies installed

That's it, you should now be able to build the project successfully.


Once the project is set up as above, the following script commands should be available in the root of the project:

  • deps install: Install all dependencies in the currently specified version.
  • deps update: Updates all dependencies according to their version specifications.
  • tools install: Installes missing tools & updates all existing to their latest versions.
  • ci lint: Lints the project with all configured linters like it would on the CI.

Feel free to add more scripts in the Scripts folder. To edit them, run beak edit -p Scripts/<file>.swift which will start Beak's edit mode. Once you are done and saved your changes, make sure to run beak run link to ensure all scripts are still executables. (The edit mode of Beak will destroy the rights on save.)