Swiftpack.co - Package - rc2server/appserverSwift


Swift 4.0 Platforms OS X | Linux License ISC

Latest version of AppServer written in Swift, deployable on Linux.


Requires the minizip library. On mac, brew install minizip, on linux apt-get install libminizip-dev.

Build setup

To generate an xcodeproj, use swift package generate-xcodeproj --xcconfig-overrides Mac.xcconfig. This will override the deployment target which swift hardcodes at 10.10.

To compile from the command line on macOS, use swift build -Xswiftc "-target" -Xswiftc x86_64-apple-macosx10.12

For linux, the line link "COpenSSL" needs to be removed from .build/checkouts/Perfect-COpenSSL-Linux.git/COpenSSL/include/modulemodulemap. This is temporary, and a patch is pending.

integration testing

start docker containers with:

docker run -d --name appdev_compute --network rc2dev --network-alias compute -p 7714:7714 rc2server/compute:0.4.4

docker run -d --name appdev_db --network rc2dev --network-alias dbserver -p 5432:5432 mlilback/appdevdb:0.1