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Swifty MKL

A Swift wrapper for Intel Performance Libraries.

Current status

The Vector protocol provides access to the Intel Performance Libraries' functionality, supports RandomAccessCollection, MutableCollection, ExpressibleByArrayLiteral, and CustomStringConvertible, and is added as an extension to:

  • Regular swift arrays
  • struct VectorP, which aligns storage on 64bit boundaries for better performance

Currently provided (more to come!):

  • Basic unary and binary MKL and IPP functions
  • MKL random number generators
  • Standard math ops on scalars and vectors, and optimized in-place assignment versions
  • Packing functions using increment, indices, and masks


Tested on Windows 10 and MacOS 10. No prerequisites other than standard Swift command line tools.

Running make will download and unzip an appropriate MKL/IPP custom lib for your system (if not done before) and build the library. For release mode (up to 100x faster!) run make mode=release. You can add mode=release to any of the below make commands too:

  • make run: run a small benchmark
  • make test: unit tests (Swift on Mac doesn't know how to find them however, but works fine on Linux)


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