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What is it?

Ether is a CLI the integrates with SPM (Swift Package Manager).

What features does it have?

You can see a whole list of the available commands here

How do I install it?

With Homebrew:

brew tap calebkleveter/tap
brew install ether

If you don't have, want, or can't use Homebrew, you can run the following script to install Ether:

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/calebkleveter/Ether/master/install.sh | bash

How do I make my package available?

Ether uses IBM's Swift Package Catalog to search and install packages. Add your packages to it so they can be accessed.

What license is it under?

Ether is under the MIT license.


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1.9.2 - Nov 27, 2017

Vaccination Against Faulty Code Injection

Fixed a bug that broke the manifest file when you installed the first dependency for a project.

1.9.1 - Nov 17, 2017

Killed Sneaky Loading Bars

The Xcode regeneration loading bar is now initialized only if the xcode flag is passed, that way it doesn't close from nowhere when the command finishes running.

Xcode projects are also now opened if you regenerate it.

1.9.0 - Nov 15, 2017

Short Xcode Fetch

Three new additions to Ether!

  1. Short flags for command options are now available.
  2. Xcode flags for commands that update the projects packages, to regenerate the Xcode project.
  3. Pre-fetching when updating the project's packages. This speeds up the instillation time, which is very helpful for projects with large or many dependencies.

1.8.0 - Nov 6, 2017

Worm Speed

In an attempt to make installations go faster, the cache clearing has been removed from the install and remove commands, and has been placed in the fix-install command.

1.7.0 - Oct 24, 2017

S(lick) P(erpetual) M(otion) 4

Ether now supports the SPM 4 API!