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Swift JNI Bridge

This is a small project for testing different approaches of communication between Java and Swift code.

There are 4 basic technics:

  • Shared object - object created in Swift (or Java) with strong reference on another side (unbalanced retain for ARC and GlobalReference for JavaGC)
  • JNI data copying
  • JSON serialization
  • Protocol buffer serialization

How to compile

First, you need to compile proto files:

  1. Install protobuf compiler with brew

brew install protobuf

  1. Compile and install Swift Protobuf compiler plugin
  2. Generate Java and Swift proto-classes:
protoc --java_out=./app/src/main/java/ DataModel.proto
protoc --swift_out=./app/src/main/swift/Sources DataModel.proto

Now import the project to Android Studio or build it with Gradle.


You can generate Xcode project file with

cd ./app/src/main/swift
swift package generate-xcodeproj

This project wouldn't compile for macOS because of JNI library, but you can edit code there.


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