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Lintol Challenge #1 - Personally Identifiable Information (Swift PII Console App)

Challenge defined here:

  • https://mailchi.mp/a5d4c7d57918/challenge-1-personally-identifiable-information
  • https://lintol.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/lintol-coding-challenge-doc.pdf


Inspired by Google's Map Reduce, using multiple processes to add characteristics (number, word, paragraph, etc) to each cell. The idea being to add finer grain characteristics as the program runs, then determine if it's an error or not.


Run with Xcode (Default scheme is set to pass in unsafe-data-1.csv) or:

./Lintol2 -f /Users/jonathanwilson/Desktop/Lintol2/TestData/unsafe-data-1.csv


  • [ ] Format results - Errors need expanding
  • [ ] Individual flows for certain characteristics
  • [ ] Check for more PII (Just phone number and email atm ..)


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