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This is a readme of a basic Kitura websocket echo server. This is being used to test autobahn-testsuite.

It currently takes the most recent commit from master branch.

The docker image they suggest does not work for testing servers at the moment.

To run these tests:

  1. Create and run this Echoserver
git clone https://github.com/Andrew-Lees11/WebSocketEchoServer
swift build
  1. Install the testsuite
virtualenv ~/wstest
source ~/wstest/bin/activate
pip install autobahntestsuite
  1. run the testsuite
cd ~
mkdir testAutobahn
cd testAutobahn
wstest -m fuzzingclient

This will run the autobahn tests against a server running on port 9001. To change the tests inside testAutobahn: open fuzzingclient.json

In here you can select specific tests to include or exclude.

To view the results open ~/testAutobahn/reports/servers/index.html


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