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ℹ️ What

BerkananSDK is an open-source software package for mobile apps that enables a Bluetooth-powered offline messaging service for crowds.

⚙️ How it works from a user's perspective

Launch an app with BerkananSDK on your device. Type in a message for the crowd around you and hit send. The app will broadcast your message to all apps with BerkananSDK in range. The range is about 70 meters, but your message can reach further because it's retransmitted by receiving apps.

❓ Why

We believe enabling this service for the community is essential, especially in emergencies, and it can be done efficiently if multiple apps join forces.

👩‍💻 Who we are

We are the developers behind the app with the same name. You might have heard about it on Product Hunt and TechCrunch.

🌟 Apps with BerkananSDK

Berkanan, Berkanan Lite

🛠 Developers

We invite you to make the world a better place for crowds, by enabling a Bluetooth-powered offline messaging service for them. Together, across our apps. ✌️

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