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zoho/SalesIQ-Mobilisten-iOS-SP 8.1.2
Swift Package for the SalesIQ Mobilisten iOS SDK. Mobilisten is your mobile app's ideal live chat partner. Power up your iOS App with the SalesIQ Mobilisten iOS SDK.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/zoho/SalesIQ-Mobilisten-iOS-SP.git", from: "8.1.2")

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Swift Package for SalesIQ Mobilisten iOS SDK

Connect with customers at every step of their journey. Give them the best in-app live chat experience with Mobilisten. Mobilisten enables customers to reach you from any screen on your app, get their questions answered, and make better purchase decisions.

Quick Start Guide 💨

  1. Navigate to the Swift Packages tab under project settings.
  2. Add https://github.com/zoho/SalesIQ-Mobilisten-iOS-SP as the package repository and click on Next.
  3. Choose the latest release of the package under package options and click on Next.
  4. Select Mobilisten under Package Products and click on Finish
  5. The installation is now complete 🎉 🥳 .

Mobilisten comes with a set of highly configurable APIs to suit your needs. Register your app's Bundle ID via the SalesIQ Console to generate the App and Access keys for Mobilisten.

Initializing Mobilisten

Use the ZohoSalesIQ.initWithAppKey(:accessKey:completion:) API to initialize Mobilisten.

ZohoSalesIQ.initWithAppKey("app_key", accessKey: "access_key") { _ in
    // your code goes here

API Documentation

You can find the list of all APIs and their documentation here under the API Reference section


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Release Notes

6 days ago

Bug Fixes:

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements.

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