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提供超级轻便的功能: 1.文件压缩/解压. 2.sqlite操作. 3.日志模块打印及写入.
.package(url: "https://github.com/z415073783/MMLibrary.git", from: "1.0.4")


集合了一些常用基础组件, 远比市面上其他相同功能的组件轻便得多, 基本不占用ipa包大小, 适合作为基础框架的一部分.





4.日志模块 提供日志高效率打印和压缩



双击运行AutoBuildLibrary执行文件, 在当前目录下会生成Build文件夹 framework生成路径: Build->MMLibrary.framework



sqliteLink = MMSqliteLink(name: "test", isQueue: true) { (isFinish, link) in
    link?.tableName(name: "表名").createTable(bodyClass: TestModel()) { (finish) in
        MMLOG.info("finish = \(finish)")
        let model = TestModel(identify: 1, name: "小白", ago: 19, num: 5)
        link?.insert(bodyClass: model) { (finish) in
            link?.replace(bodyClass: model, block: { (finish) in
                link?.select(bodyClass: TestModel.self, confitions: ["ago": "18"], block: { (finish, list) in

sqliteLink = MMSqliteLink(name: "test", isQueue: true) { (isFinish, link) in
    MMLOG.debug("zlm = 2")
    // 删除表
    link?.tableName(name: "table1").deleteTable.execute(block: { (finish, list) in
        MMLOG.debug("删除表结果: \(finish)")
    link?.tableName(name: "table1").createTable.property(name: "uid").primarykey.integer.autoincrement.property(name: "姓名").text.property(name: "年龄").integer.property(name: "身高").text.execute(block: { (isSuccess, result) in
        MMLOG.debug("创建表结果: \(isSuccess)")
        MMLOG.debug("zlm = 3")
        // 插入
        link?.tableName(name: "table1").insert(values: ["姓名": "张三", "年龄": 20, "身高": "160cm"]).execute(block: { (isSuccess, result) in
            MMLOG.debug("zlm = select 1")
        link?.tableName(name: "table1").insert(values: ["姓名": "李四", "年龄": 21, "身高": "161cm"]).execute(block: { (isSuccess, result) in
            MMLOG.debug("zlm = select 2")
        link?.tableName(name: "table1").insert(values: ["姓名": "王五", "年龄": 22, "身高": "162cm"]).execute(block: { (isSuccess, result) in
            MMLOG.debug("zlm = select 3")
        MMLOG.debug("zlm = select 4")
        link?.tableName(name: "table1").insert().set(key: "姓名", value: "马六").set(key: "年龄", value: 23).set(key: "身高", value: "163cm").execute(block: { (isSuccess, result) in
            MMLOG.debug("插入数据结果: \(isSuccess)")
            MMLOG.debug("zlm = 4")
            link?.tableName(name: "table1").select(names: ["姓名", "年龄"]).whereEqual(key: "身高", value: "160cm").execute(block: { (isSuccess, result) in
                MMLOG.debug("zlm = 5")
                MMLOG.debug("查询 isSuccess = \(isSuccess), result = \(result)")
                link?.tableName(name: "table1").update().set(key: "身高", value: "200cm").whereEqual(key: "身高", value: "163cm").execute(block: { (isSuccess, result) in
                    MMLOG.debug("更新 isSuccess = \(isSuccess), result = \(result)")
                    link?.tableName(name: "table1").select().execute(block: { (isSuccess, result) in
                        MMLOG.debug("查询更新后的数据 isSuccess = \(isSuccess), result = \(result)")
                        link?.tableName(name: "table1").delete().whereLike(key: "身高", value: "160").execute(block: { (isSuccess, result) in
                            MMLOG.debug("删除身高为160的数据 isSuccess = \(isSuccess)")
                            link?.tableName(name: "table1").select().execute(block: { (isSuccess, result) in
                                MMLOG.debug("isSuccess = \(isSuccess), 查询结果 = \(result)")
                                link?.tableName(name: "table1").delete().execute(block: { (isSuccess, result) in
                                    MMLOG.debug("删除全部数据 isSuccess = \(isSuccess)")
                                    link?.tableName(name: "table1").select().execute(block: { (isSuccess, result) in
                                        MMLOG.debug("isSuccess = \(isSuccess), 查询结果 = \(result)")


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