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A few tools for iOS - MacOS apps and Simple Network Manager
.package(url: "https://github.com/yusufozgul/YTools.git", from: "1.1.2")

A few tools for iOS - MacOS apps and Simple Network Manager

UIKit Tools

  • Some Device info
  • Convert Int - Double - Float - Data to String eg: SomeData.stringValue
  • UIImage: averageColor: UIColor? & resizeImage(targetSize: CGSize) -> UIImage
  • UIImageView: setImageColor(color: UIColor)
  • UILabel: calculateMaxLines() -> Int
  • UIView: Auto loadable from xib

Combine Netorking

Flexible, cancellable, error safe

import YNetworkKit

ApiConstant.apiDefault.set(defaultDomain: "https://api.mocki.io")

class Interactor: Networkable {
    var someDataRequests: BaseRequestModel?
    func getSomeData(result: @escaping (Result<TestResponse, Error>) -> Void) {
        someDataRequests = BaseRequestModel(path: "/v1/d0e7928e", method: .GET([]))
        guard let someDataRequests = someDataRequests else { return }
        send(requestData: someDataRequests, modelType: TestResponse.self, result: result)
    func cancel() {


public protocol Networkable {
    func send<T>(requestData: BaseRequestProtocol,
                 modelType: T.Type,
                 decoder: JSONDecoder,
                 urlSession: NetworkProtocol,
                 result: @escaping (Result<T, Error>) -> Void) where T : Decodable

For Tests

When you used MockURLSession, json file from url last path and uses

public class MockURLSession: NetworkProtocol {
    let bundle: Bundle
    /// MockURLSession: Request handle json file content
    /// - Parameter bundle: Your json file bundle
    public init(bundle: Bundle) {
        self.bundle = bundle
    public func dataTaskPublisher(for request: URLRequest) -> URLSession.DataTaskPublisher {
        let stubReply = request.url?.lastPathComponent ?? "stub_error"
        return URLSession.shared.dataTaskPublisher(for: bundle.url(forResource: stubReply, withExtension: "json")!)

// Send Request with mock URLSession
send(requestData: someDataRequests,
             modelType: TestResponse.self,
             urlSession: MockURLSession.init(bundle: Bundle(for: type(of: self))),
             result: result)


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