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younata/ArchKit v0.4.0
Shared repository for architecture and other iOS helpers.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/younata/ArchKit.git", from: "v0.4.0")


A shared package for all the infrastructure required to support the Architecture styles I use in my own apps.

Very shortly, this architecture is centered around Combines, and passing events between types using Combine publishers.

From a top-down perspective we have:

  1. Coordinator - these types manage user-level Actions, and can send those types of events up to parent coordinators. Coordinators typically map 1-1 to a ViewController, which can either be a container controller, or one actually showing views.
  2. UIViewController - Either container controllers or otherwise. These interact directly with View objects (either SwiftUI or UIKit) to translate events from the User to things shown on the view. View Controllers here serve to keep Coordinators from having to care about/interact directly with Views.
  3. View types are only concerned with showing UI to users, and reacting to them.

This also contains a number of other subpackages and helpers, because I don't care to split them off into their own repository:

  • ArchKit
    • UICoordinator.swift is the big one, already detailed above. This is meant to be used with UIKit/UIViewController.
    • NSCoordinator.swift like UICoordinator, but for Cocoa/NSViewController.
    • Withable.swift is a protocol for setting properties via their keypaths, which is really useful for using the builder pattern with objective-c types.
  • Combine Extensions
    • CombineExtensions.swift contains a number of extensions on Combine that make life a bit easier.
      • Future.success creates an already-finished Future with the given output.
      • Future.failure creates an already-finished Future with the given error.
      • -firstOutputAsFuture() on Publisher returns a Future that completes once either it receives a value, or if it receives an error. Whichever comes first.
      • -send(to:finishSubject:) on Publisher forwards events from the receiver onto the given Subject. It returns an AnyCancellable.
      • mergeManyAndKeepOrder takes an array of Futures with the same Output and Failure types and returns a single Future that's finished with an array of Output from those futures, in the same order those futures were given in.
    • UIControl+Combine.swift extends UIControl such that it can create a publisher for when the given UIControl.Events happen.
  • UIKit Extensions
    • UIKitExtensions.swift contains a number of helpers and extensions to make view layout in UIKit more declarative and easier to deal with.
    • UIKit+Withable.swift contains a number of helpers for using the builder pattern with some classses.


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