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yonat/MultiToggleButton 1.8.4
Multiple state tap-to-toggle UIButton (like old camera flash button)
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.package(url: "https://github.com/yonat/MultiToggleButton.git", from: "1.8.4")

Multiple State Toggle UIButton

A UIButton subclass that implements tap-to-toggle button text. (Like the camera flash and timer buttons)

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Just create it with the states, and it's good to go:

let toggleButton = MultiToggleButton(image: myImage, states: ["First", "Second", "Last"])

Get and set the current state:

let state = toggleButton.currentStateIndex
toggleButton.currentStateIndex = 0

Add a tap action (in addition to the built-in state toggle):

toggleButton.action = { (sender) -> () in

Set different colors for different states (nil uses the button's tintColor):

toggleButton.colors = [nil, .gray, .red]

Set different images for different states:

toggleButton.images = [myFirstImage, mySecondImage, myLastImage]

Or do it all at once:

let toggleButton = ToggleButton(
    images: [myFirstImage, mySecondImage, myLastImage],
    states: ["First", "Second", "Last"],
    colors: [nil, .gray, .red],
    action: { (sender) -> () in doStuff(sender.currentStateIndex) }



pod 'MultiToggleButton'

Legacy versions:

Swift version MultiToggleButton version
4.0 (Xcode 9.4) pod 'MultiToggleButton', '~> 1.7.1'
3 pod 'MultiToggleButton', '~> 1.5.2'
2.3 pod 'MultiToggleButton', '~> 1.4.0'

Swift Package Manager:

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "https://github.com/yonat/MultiToggleButton", from: "1.8.4")





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