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XMind SDK in Swift

Swift Package Manager compatible Carthage compatible Language

This SDK enables you to create and modify xmind(.xmind) files, and it's written in swift.

Supported Platforms:

  • iOS 9+

  • macOS 10.11+

Structure of XMind files

XMind file is a zip file which contains several components, including manifest, metadata, sheets and resources.

Resources contains all the resources of this xmind file that like images.

Metadata represents the version of xmind file and the creator.

Sheets contains all of the topics that belong to the each sheets(canvas).

Manifest lists primary files that contained in this xmind file.


If you create a new xmind file, you can directly operate sheets and topics after initializing a Workbook instance that represents a xmind file.

If you open an existing xmind file. You need call public func loadManifest() of Workbook after initializing a workbook to load some base informations. And now you can access the passwordHint to read and write the password hint. then, you need call public func loadContent(password: String? = nil) to load the metadata and sheets. When it's loaded, you can operate sheets and topics.


import XMindSDK


let wb = try Workbook.open(filePath: filePath)// This file path which contains an existing xmind file.
try wb.loadManifest()
try wb.loadContent(password: "123456")

let root = wb.allSheets.first!.rootTopic

let sub1 = root.addSubTopic("Sub Topic 1")
let sub2 = root.addSubTopic("Sub Topic 2")
let sub3 = root.addSubTopic("Sub Topic 3")

sub3.addSubTopic("Topic 4")
sub3.addSubTopic("Topic 5")


try wb.save(to: filePath, password: "123456")

Fast Creating

import XMindSDK


let wb = try! workbook {
    topic(title: "Apple") {
        topic(title: "Hardware") {
            topic(title: "iPhone") {
                topic(title: "iPhone 6")
                topic(title: "iPhone 7 Plus")
                topic(title: "iPhone 8")
                topic(title: "iPhone XS Max")
            topic(title: "Mac") {
                topic(title: "MacBook Pro")
                topic(title: "Mac mini")
                topic(title: "Mac Pro")
        topic(title: "Software") {
            topic(title: "Xcode")
            topic(title: "Siri")

try wb.save(to: filePath)


  • Carthage

    github "xmindltd/xmind-sdk-swift"
  • Swift Package Manager

    .package(url: "https://github.com/xmindltd/xmind-sdk-swift.git", .upToNextMinor(from: "1.0.0"))


This SDK is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.


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