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xiiagency/SwiftUIExtensions 1.0.0
Provides extensions and utilities for SwiftUI
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.package(url: "https://github.com/xiiagency/SwiftUIExtensions.git", from: "1.0.0")

SwiftUIExtensions Library


An open source library with utilities and extensions for SwiftUI.

Developed as re-usable components for various projects at XII's iOS, macOS, and watchOS applications.


Swift Package Manager

  1. In Xcode, select File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency.
  2. Follow the prompts using the URL for this repository
  3. Select the SwiftUIExtensions library to add to your project



See the LICENSE file.

Text case shorthands (Source)

extension View {
  func standardcase() -> some View

  func uppercase() -> some View

  func lowercase() -> some View

Shorthand for applying the textCase ViewModifier.

Shorthand for stretching Views (Source)

extension Axis.Set {
  static let None: Axis.Set
  static let Horizontal: Axis.Set
  static let Vertical: Axis.Set
  static let All: Axis.Set

extension View {
  func stretch(
    _ axes: Axis.Set = [.horizontal],
    alignment: Alignment = .center
  ) -> some View

Sets the view's frame to stretch to fill its parent by setting maxWidth (and/or) maxHeight based on the requested Axis.

  • By default it will stretch .Horizontal as it's the more common scenario
  • Also allows for adjusting internal alignment with .center used as the default

ScenePhase change shorthand (Source)

extension View {
  func onScenePhaseChanged(
    _ action: @escaping (ScenePhase) -> Void
  ) -> some View

Calls an action when the ScenePhase has changed. Avoid performing long-running tasks in action since it is called from the main thread.

URL open helpers

Cross platform (iOS + macOS)

func sendUserToApplicationUrl(_ url: URL)

func sendUserToApplicationUrl(_ urlString: String)

iOS only

func sendUserToApplicationSettings()

iOS keyboard helpers (Source)

func hideKeyboard()

HiddenView shorthand (Source)

struct HiddenView : View {

  var body: some View { get }

A specialty view that has no visible representation (clear 0x0 pixel view) but can still have functionality attached (e.g. onChange(of:)).

NOTE: If used in a container view that has spacing (e.g. VStack) this view will still be counted as one and will add unintended spacing.

Avoid animations (Source)

func doWithoutAnimations(_ block: @escaping () -> Void)

Performs the provided block in a transaction with animations disabled.

Useful for cancelling some animations that are hard to control (e.g. navigation view transitions).

NOTE: This is a bit finicky, use at your own risk.

MomentarySwitch Utility (Source)

class MomentarySwitch {

  func trigger(
    offDelaySeconds: Double = 0.0,
    switchOn: @escaping () -> Void,
    switchOff: @escaping () -> Void

An implementation of a momentary switch: one that has an on/off state, can be turned on repeatedly, turns off after a delay. If triggered multiple times before the off delay is elapses, it re-schedules the reaction (relative to the last time it was triggered). Ideally used for triggering animations on user interaction, and auto-reverting once they've stopped interacting for enough time.

NOTE: The switch itself will operate on the background thread, but the on/off callbacks are executed on the @MainActor.


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