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xiiagency/SwiftConcurrency 1.0.0
An open source library with utilities and extensions to support Swift async/await concurrency
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.package(url: "https://github.com/xiiagency/SwiftConcurrency.git", from: "1.0.0")

SwiftConcurrency Library


An open source library with utilities and extensions to support Swift async/await concurrency.

Developed as re-usable components for various projects at XII's iOS, macOS, and watchOS applications.


Swift Package Manager

  1. In Xcode, select File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency.
  2. Follow the prompts using the URL for this repository
  3. Select the SwiftConcurrency library to add to your project


See the LICENSE file.

Starting Tasks with a delay specified in seconds (Source)

extension Task where Failure == Error {
    delaySeconds: Double,
    priority: TaskPriority? = nil,
    operation: @escaping @Sendable () async throws -> Success

extension Task where Failure == Never {
    delaySeconds: Double,
    priority: TaskPriority? = nil,
    operation: @escaping @Sendable () async -> Success

Creates a task with an optional priority that executes the given operation after an initial delay (in seconds).

This is a shorthand for starting a task and then calling Task.sleep with a number of nanoseconds to wait.

Task::sleep, but in seconds(Source)

extension Task {
  static func sleep(seconds duration: Double) async throws

Suspends the current task for at least the given duration in seconds, unless the task is cancelled. If the task is cancelled, throws CancellationError without waiting for the duration. This function does not block the underlying thread.

Using Task to poll for operation completion (Source)

extension Task {
  static func poll(
    intervalSeconds: Double,
    timeoutSeconds: Double,
    action: @escaping () async throws -> Bool
  ) async throws

Performs a polling action at a specific interval, timing out if the action does not return true within the timeout interval.

Returns true if the polling action succeeds and false if the task has timed out or has been cancelled.

Processing work items via parallel work queue (Source)

struct ParallelProcessing {

  static func processItemsInParallel<Item, Result>(
    items: [Item],
    maxParallelTasks: Int = DEFAULT_MAX_PARALLEL_TASKS,
    processInRandomOrder: Bool = true,
    processItem: @escaping (Item) async -> Result?
  ) async -> [Result]

Applies a processing task (processItem) to each item in parallel. Limits the maximum parallelism of the processing to maxParallelTasks to limit the number of threads created.

All items provided are added to a work queue that is then drained by multiple parallel Tasks.


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