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Run checks in your CI process.

🌱 chia - Check It All

chia is a command line tool that lets you run some checks. It can be easily integrated into your CI process.

🕹 Usage

You can run chia in your terminal, but keep in mind to also install all required dependencies. Otherwise, the check might fail!

# detect language and run all available tests

# specify a config for chia (local/remote)
chia --config /PATH/TO/.chia.yml
chia --config https://PATH/TO/.chia.yml

# only detect and return the language of the project
chia --language-detection

Instead of keeping track of your dependencies, you can use our Docker Image. It contains all the required binaries and is ready to use:

# run docker container with all dependencies and mount the current folder for analysis
docker run -it -v ${PWD}:/project worldiety/chia:latest

You can also add this to your GitLab CI config ...


  - lint
  - build
  - deploy

  stage: lint
  image: worldiety/chia:latest
  allow_failure: false
    - chia


... or use our :octocat: GitHub Action.


There are 2 ways to install chia. Choose the one that fits your needs.

Using Mint:

mint install worldiety/chia

Compiling from source:

git clone https://github.com/worldiety/chia && cd chia
swift build --configuration release
mv `swift build --configuration release --show-bin-path`/chia /usr/local/bin

:octocat: Contributions

All contributions are welcome! Feel free to contribute to this project. Submit pull requests or contribute tutorials - whatever you have to offer, it would be appreciated!

If a check is missing, the CheckProvider is the right places to start. Just add another implementation and have a look at all the other checks.

If your favorite programming language is missing, have a look at the Language.