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SwiftUI Clock Time Picker

Clock with hands

ClockTimePicker is a SwiftUI view that displays a clock with the hour and minutes hands. These hands can be dragged around the clock face to select the desired hour and minutes of your date.

To use, include the files in the "Sources/ClockTimePicker" folder into your project or use Swift Package Manager and add this lib dependency and import ClockTimePicker. See ClockPicker for an example use.

The main element is ClockPickerView.swift.

Use it like a DatePicker, such as:

@State var date = Date()

ClockPickerView(date: $date)

As the clock hands are changed, the date hour and minutes are updated.

To customise the looks of the clock, use

@ObservedObject var options = ClockLooks()

and change the options as desired.

Clock without hands

ClockTimePicker can also display a clock without hands, more suited to iPad and Mac. To display it set the options as:

options.withHands = false    

To pick the hour and minutes, tap on the center hour : minute to display either the hours or the minutes set.

Note: adjust the sizes and colors using options to suit your device.


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