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SPTKit is a framework build to call Spotify Web API methods directly from Swift code. It is built around Alamofire and Swift's Codable, so the dependency count is kept to a bare minimum.


SPTKit can be installed via Swift Package Manager



To use methods provided by SPTKit you use modules for each endpoint. For example, to read user's saved albums you use the .Album module, like this SPT.Album.getSavedAlbums(...

Available modules are:


Handling errors

If a request suceeds but is invalid, the error message will be the error message returned directly from Spotify.

{ "error": { "status": 401, "message": "Invalid access token" } }

If request failed, the returned error will be of type AFError.


All methods from Web API require an authorization token, obtained from Spotify. This library does not handle the authorization process for you, however the example app contains the barebones code required for authenticating using the Spotify-SDK framework. Please follow the official instructions on how to authenticate. You still need to register your app in developer portal and provide necessary credentials.

Missing methods

Not all methods from the Web API are supported at the moment. If you find any missing method you might need in your project, you can submit a PR, or create an issue and I'll do my best to implement it ASAP.


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