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A bridge for the SDK xcframework to use the Swift component library. This includes w3w-swift-components as a dependancy

what3words w3w-swift-components-sdk


what3words publishes a compoonents library on GitHub. Out of the box, it is designed to work with the what3words API.

However, this package will extend the functionality of the Swift SDK so that it can use those components too.

Include this in your project, and it will provide some protocol extensions and cause the download of the compoonents library into your project because it is a dependancy of this package.

Example: AutoSuggest Text Field

W3WAutoSuggestTextField is a UITextField that will suggest three word addresses as the user types.

Documentation for W3WAutoSuggestTextField as well as other components you may use can be found in the components library.

Step 1:

Include w3w.xcframework in your Xcode project as per the readme.txt in the SDK package you recieved from what3words.

Step 2:

Add this Swift Package to your project:

Step 3:

Add the import statements to your ViewController's code:

import w3w
import W3WSwiftComponents
import W3WSwiftComponentsSdk

Step 4:

Place this code in your ViewController's viewDidLoad():

override func viewDidLoad() {

  // the SDK
  let sdk = What3Words()
  // make the text field
  let textField = W3WAutoSuggestTextField(frame: CGRect(x: 16.0, y: 64.0, width: view.frame.size.width - 32.0, height: 32.0))
  // assign the SDK to it
  // assign a code block to execute when the user has selected an address
  textField.suggestionSelected = { suggestion in
    print(suggestion.words ?? "")
  // the error can be captured using onError 
  textField.onError = { error in
    print(String(describing: error))
  // place in the view

This code is the same that you would use for the API, the only difference is the passing the SDK instead of the API to the component. Eg: textField.set(What3Words()) instead of textField.set(What3WordsV3(apiKey: "YourApiKey"))

Take a look at the compoonents library to see the other components available for use.

Technical Details

what3words' SDK is a self contained framework of Swift code for 3 word addresses functionality.

  • Objects in the SDK are prefixed with W3WSdk, for example, W3WSdkSuggestion, W3WSdkOption, etc...
  • Objects in the API are prefixed with W3WApi, such as W3WApiSuggestion and W3WApiSquare.
  • Both the SDK's and the API's objects are able to conform to our "main" protocols, eg: W3WSuggestion, W3WOption, W3WSquare, etc...

This package contains SdkToApiBridge.swift which makes the classes in the SDK conform to these "main" protocols.

Most importantly, all the component code uses only the "main" protocols and this allows both the API and the SDK to employ it.


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