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voximplant/ios-sdk-releases-bitcode 2.47.1
Voximplant iOS SDK Bitcode Releases for Swift Package Manager
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.package(url: "https://github.com/voximplant/ios-sdk-releases-bitcode.git", from: "2.47.1")

Voximplant iOS SDK Swift PM

⚠️ Deprecation ⚠️

Since Apple is deprecating bitcode tecnology, bitcode sdk release is deprecated as well. For nonbitcode sdk release, check: ios-sdk-releases.

This repository provides the access to the Voximplant iOS SDK for Swift Package Manager (bitcode version).

Bitcode is an intermediate representation of a compiled program. Apps you upload to App Store Connect that contain bitcode will be compiled and linked on the App Store. Including bitcode will allow Apple to re-optimize your app binary in the future without the need to submit a new version of your app to the App Store.

Usage of bitcode libraries is not recommended for debug/testing builds because of its size.

Voximplant iOS SDK is distributed as a binary package (XCFramework) since 2.38.0.

Supported architectures:

  • iphoneos: armv7, arm64
  • iphonesimulator: i386, x86_64, arm64

Add Voximplant to your app in Xcode

  1. Open your project in Xcode
  2. Go to Files > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency
  3. Add this github repository ( .... )
  4. Select the SDK version

More information can be found in Apple Developer documentation

Add Voximplant to your package

To add Voximplant iOS SDK as a dependency of your package, declare it in dependencies section of your Package.swift

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "https://github.com/voximplant/ios-sdk-releases-bitcode.git", .upToNextMinor(from: "2.38.0"))

Version notice

Voximplant iOS SDK version does not fully conform to semantic versioning.

Backward compatibility is only guaranteed for the patch version. API changes or a dependency update will increment the minor version.

Check the Voximplant iOS SDK changelog before selecting a version requirement. It is recommended to use exact or upToNextMinor requirements.


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Release Notes

18 weeks ago
  • Fix: incorrect remote video stream type for screensharing streams from other participants in a call / conference
  • Fix: screensharing from Broadcast Upload Extension is reported as VIVideoStreamTypeVideo on other conference participants

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