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voxeet/voxeet-sdk-ios v3.4.0-beta.1
The Dolby.io Communications SDK for iOS.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/voxeet/voxeet-sdk-ios.git", from: "v3.4.0-beta.1")

Dolby.io Communications SDK for iOS


The complete documentation for this product is available on Dolby.io, where you can find the product overview, instructions how to create a basic audio conference application, and reference documentation.

For additional information on Dolby.io Communications SDK for iOS releases, recent changes, and new features, see the Dolby.io Communications Client SDK release notes.


The Dolby.io Communications SDK for iOS and iOS UXKit rely on these open source projects:

  • Starscream, a conforming WebSocket (RFC 6455) client library.
  • Alamofire, an HTTP networking library.
  • SwiftyJSON, a tool for handling JSON data.

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Release Notes

4 weeks ago


  • The SDK now allows joining a conference as a mixed listener who receives one mixed audio stream and one mixed video stream from a conference. The feature lets up to 60,000 mixed listeners join a single conference. To join a conference as a mixed listener call the listen method and set the listener type to mixed.

  • The SDK now allows sharing two screens in one conference, so two participants can share their screens at the same time.

  • Improved the quality of voice fonts by increasing their sample rate to 48kHz.

  • Improved noise reduction. The high noise reduction level now uses a Deep Neural Network (DNN) to remove all background sounds from your audio.

  • Added new methods that allow the local participant to set the output audio volume. The setOutputVolume method sets the volume of all remote participants. The setVolume methods set the volume of a selected remote participant, audio track, or media stream in non-Dolby Voice conferences.

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