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🏹 Stencil Arrow

Generate files out of your Archerfile (like this one). For more information about Archery itself head to vknabel/Archery.

Render Stencil-Templates with contents of your Archerfile.

	"scripts": {
        "readme": {
            "arrow": "vknabel/StencilArrow",
            "template": "README.md.stencil",
            "destination": "README.md",
        	"searchPaths": ["Scripts"]

This will insert your metadata into your template and write its contents to README.md.

Available Options

Name Type Default
template String Required
destination String? Print to stdout
metadataName String? Globally available. Contains the Archerfile
argumentsName String? arguments contains all command line args
searchPaths [String]? ["."] search on current directory



Archery is available under the MIT license.


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Added products for targets

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