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HTTP Server IO type and handler for use with the SimpleFunctional library.

Provides a very basic HTTP web server as an IO handler. Will be extended as needed to handle more complex requests.

This is powered using Vapor's HTTP library, which means it is a multi-platform IO handler. Linux, Mac, iOS

public struct HTTPServerIO: IO {
    public struct HTTPHeaders {
        public enum StandardHeader {
            case authorization
        public let stringValuesForStandardHeader: [StandardHeader: [String]]
    public enum Input {
        case serverStarted
        case incomingRequest(id: UInt, urlString: String, httpHeaders: HTTPHeaders)
    public enum Output {
        case startServer(hostname: String, port: UInt)
        case respondToRequest(id: UInt, httpStatusCode: UInt, bodyBytes: [UInt8]?)


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