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Gryphon is (or rather, will be) a Swift to Kotlin translator. It is intended to generate correct Kotlin code, such that a user never has to manually edit the generated files. The code is also meant to be human readable, so that a user can stop using this compiler at any time and still have two fully maintainable codebases (one in Kotlin and one in Swift).

This is a highly unstable program for now, and anything can change at a moment's notice. It's currently in version 0.2 (beta).

Cloning and running

To try Gryphon out and/or contribute to it, just clone this repo :)

The pre-build script (preBuildScript.sh) should be run before building the project as it generates important files for the build phase. After that, since the project structured as a swift package, running swift test or swift run in the root directory is already a good place to start. If you want to try out different things, just comment and uncomment the desired lines in the main.swift file (it's pretty simple, I swear) since the program doesn't yet accept command line input.

Here's how I set up my environment (you might want to do something similar):

  • I use macOS and Xcode as my standard IDE, with the default Xcode project created by swift package generate-xcodeproj. I use Xcode to change code, run the app and run the macOS tests. In Xcode, I change the current working directory (⌘< → Run → Options → Use Custom Working Directory → "$SRCROOT") and add a new Run Script build phase (just before Compile Sources) to make life easier:
bash preBuildScript.sh
  • I use Docker to run the app and the tests on a linux container before commiting, just to make sure everything works on linux as well. The docker container can be built with docker build -t swift_ubuntu . and run with docker run -it --rm --privileged -v /path/to/local/Gryphon:/app/Gryphon swift_ubuntu, replacing /path/to/local/Gryphon with the path to the cloned git repo in your computer. Once inside docker, I can run the app with swift run and test it with swift test as appropriate.

    • Note: Sometimes running swift test or swift run in Docker results in an unknown error like Exited with signal code 7 or Bus error. I believe this is an issue with the swift version used by the container. If this happens, juts run swift test or swift run again and it should work fine.


Any issues and pull requests via github are welcome!


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v0.1-beta - Jul 13, 2018

This release contains a relatively stable version of the Gryphon prototype. It's being created to be shared in academic citations.