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Gryphon is (or rather, will be) a Swift to Kotlin translator. It is intended to generate correct Kotlin code, such that a user never has to manually edit the generated files. The code is also meant to be human readable, so that a user can stop using this compiler at any time and still have two fully maintainable codebases (one in Kotlin and one in Swift).

This is a highly unstable program for now, and anything can change at a moment's notice.

Cloning and running

To try Gryphon out and/or contribute to it, just clone this repo :)

It's structured as a swift package, so running swift test or swift run in the root directory is already a good place to start. If you want to try out different things, just comment and uncomment the desired lines in the main.swift file (it's pretty simple, I swear) since the program doesn't yet accept command line input.

Here's how I set up my environment (you might want to do something similar):

  • I use macOS and Xcode as my standard IDE, with the default Xcode project created by swift package generate-xcodeproj. I use Xcode to change code, run the app and run the macOS tests. In Xcode, I change the current working directory (⌘< → Run → Options → Use Custom Working Directory → "$SRCROOT") and add two run scripts before Compile Sources to make life easier, one to automatically update the ASTs from the Swift compiler and one to run Swiftlint:
perl dump-ast.pl Example\ ASTs/*.swift
perl dump-ast.pl Test\ Files/*.swift
if which swiftlint >/dev/null; then
    swiftlint autocorrect
    echo "warning: SwiftLint not installed, download from https://github.com/realm/SwiftLint"
  • I use Docker to run the app and the tests on a linux container before commiting, just to make sure everything works on linux as well. The docker container can be built with docker build -t swift_ubuntu . and run with docker run -it --rm --privileged -v /path/to/local/Gryphon:/app/Gryphon swift_ubuntu, replacing /path/to/local/Gryphon with the path to the cloned git repo in your computer. Once inside docker, I can run the app with swift run and test it with swift test as appropriate.


Any issues and pull requests via github are welcome!


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v0.1-beta - Jul 13, 2018

This release contains a relatively stable version of the Gryphon prototype. It's being created to be shared in academic citations.