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HTML Main content extractor for Swift

Main content extraction is the process of extracting relavant text from an HTML page. Relavant text is the text that a typical person is interested in reading. In most cases this is an article. What isn't relavant, advertisements and other junk, is discarded. A common usage of main content extraction is Safari's Reader functionality. Other implementations of this are Goose, Dragnet, Newspaper, and many more.

VinContent will also extract page metadata using Open Graph tags and other common HTML tags.

  • title
  • publisher
  • byline
  • description
  • source
  • publish date (experimental)
  • main image (experimental)


VinContent has a small API implemented using the delegate pattern. You will be primarily interested in 1 class. 1 strict. and the delegate protocol you have to implement.

  • ContentExtractor - This class is the main engine that will optionally request the web page and do all of the metadata and content extraction.
  • ContentExtractorDelegate - This is the protocol that you have to implement to receive the error and completion events from ContentExtractor. These events (callback methods) will be called on the main thread.
  • ContentArticle - This is a struct that contains the extracted metadata and content.
  • ContentExtractorState - Optionally you can track the progress and current state of the ContentExtractor using its state property.

Example usage:

import VinContent

class WebBrowser: ContentExtractorDelegate {
    var contentExtractor: ContentExtractor?
    func yourMainProcess() {
         // You can supply either a URL, HTML as a String or both.
         // The more information you give VinContent, the better it will do.
         // If HTML is supplied, a VinContent will not do a network request to
         // get the information.  If the URL is supplied, but not the HTML
         // VinContent will retrieve the page for you.
         contentExtractor = ContentExtractor(url: yourURL, html: yourHTML)
         // This class implements the ContentExtractorDelegate methods
         contentExtractor.delegate = self
         // Initiate the process.  It will run in the background without doing
         // anything on your part.  The delegate methods will be called on the
         // main thread.
    // This is the first delegate method to implement.  It will be called if there
    // are any problems while processing the HTML document.
    func contentExtractionDidFail(with error: Error) {
       // Perform normal error handling here.
    // This is the second delegate method.  It will be called after the page
    // is downloaded (if necessary) and processed.
    func contentExtractionDidComplete(article: ContentArticle) {

       let html = article.htmlContent



Just add the line below to your Podfile:

pod 'VinContent'

Then run pod install


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