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verygoodsecurity/vgs-collect-ios v0.0.1-beta
VGS Collect iOS SDK
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.package(url: "https://github.com/verygoodsecurity/vgs-collect-ios.git", from: "v0.0.1-beta")

CircleCI UT license Platform [swift](https://r<img style="max-width:100%;" src="https://raw.github.com/verygoodsecurity/vgs-collect-ios/master/com/verygoodsecurity/vgs-collect-ios/master/) Cocoapods Compatible

VGS Collect iOS SDK

VGS Collect - is a product suite that allows customers to collect information securely without possession of it. VGSCollect iOS SDK allows you to securely collect data from your users via forms without having to have that data pass through your systems. The form fields behave like traditional input fields while securing access to the unsecured data.

Table of contents

VGS Collect iOS SDK State VGS Collect iOS SDK Response

Before you start

You should have your organization registered at VGS Dashboard. Sandbox vault will be pre-created for you. You should use your <vaultId> to start collecting data. Follow integration guide below.



CocoaPods is a dependency manager for Cocoa projects. For usage and installation instructions, visit their website. To integrate VGSCollectSDK into your Xcode project using CocoaPods, specify it in your Podfile:

pod 'VGSCollectSDK'


VGCollectSDK is also available through Carthage. Add the following line to your Cartfile:

github "verygoodsecurity/vgs-collect-ios"

then run:

carthage update --platform iOS

If you don't need additional features like card scanning, you should add into your project only VGSCollectSDK. Other submodules can safely be deleted from Carthage Build folder.

Check VGSCollecSDK submodules and required frameworks:

Build Frameworks Core SDK CardIO Card Scan

Don't forget to import VGSCardIOCollector or VGSCardScanCollector in files where you use scan modules.

NOTE: A<img style="max-width:100%;" src="https://raw.github.com/verygoodsecurity/vgs-collect-ios/master/e Carthage does not provide a way to build only specific repository submodules. All submodules and their dependencies will be built by default. However you c<img style="max-width:100%;" src="https://raw.github.com/verygoodsecurity/vgs-collect-ios/master/ into your project only submodules that you need.

Swift Package Manager (beta)

The Swift Package Manager is a tool for automating the distribution of Swift code and is integrated into the swift compiler. Xcode with Swift tools version of 5.3 is required for VGSCollectSDK. Earlier Xcode versions don't support Swift packages with resources. To check your current Swift tools version run in your terminal:

xcrun swift -version

NOTE: In some cases <img style="max-width:100%;" src="https://raw.github.com/verygoodsecurity/vgs-collect-ios/master/ve multiple Swift tools versions installed.

Follow the official Apple SPM guide instructions for more details.
To use Swift Package Manager, in Xcode add the https://github.com/verygoodsecurity/vgs-collect-ios.git dependency and choose the Exact version.

Select VGSCollectSDK and optionally other packages provided with VGSCollectSDK:


Import SDK into your file

import VGSCollectSDK

Create VGSCollect instance and VGS UI Elements

Use your <vaultId> to initialize VGSCollect instance. You can get it in your organisation dashboard.

Code example

Here's an example In Action
Customize VGSTextFields...
/// Ini<img style="max-width:100%;" src="https://raw.github.com/verygoodsecurity/vgs-collect-ios/master/SCollect instance
var vgsCollect = VGSCollect(id: "vauiltId", environment: .sandbox)

/// VGS UI Elements
var cardNumberField = VGSCardTextField()
var cardHolderNameField = VGSTextField()
var expCardDateField = VGSTextField()
var cvcField = VGSTextField()

/// Native UI Elements
@IBOutlet weak var stackView: UIStackView!

override func viewDidLoad() {

    /// Create card number field configuration
    let cardConfiguration = VGSConfiguration(collector: vgsCollect,
                                         fieldName: "card_number")
    cardConfiguration.type = .cardNumber
    cardConfiguration.isRequiredValidOnly = true

    /// Setup configuration to card number field
    cardNumberField.configuration = cardConfiguration
    cardNumberField.placeholder = "Card Number"

    /// Setup next textfields...
... observe filed states
override func viewDidLoad() {
    /// Observing text fields
    vgsCollect.observeStates = { textFields in

        textFields.forEach({ textField in
            if textdField.state.isValid {
                textField.borderColor = .grey
            } else {
                textField.borderColor = .red

            /// CardState is available for VGSCardTextField
            if let cardState = textField.state as? CardState {
... send data to your Vault
// ...

// MARK: - Send data    
func sendData() {

    /// handle fields validation before send data
    guard cardNumberField.state.isValid else {
	print("cardNumberField input is not valid")

    /// extra information will be sent together with all sensitive card information
    var extraData = [String: Any](https://raw.github.com/verygoodsecurity/vgs-collect-ios/master/)
    extraData["customKey"] = "Custom Value"

    /// send data to your Vault
    vgsCollect.sendData(path: "/post", extraData: extraData) { [weak self](https://raw.github.com/verygoodsecurity/vgs-collect-ios/master/response) in
      switch response {
        case .success(let code, let data, let response):
          // parse data
        case .failure(let code, let data, let response, let error):
          // handle failed request
          switch code {
            // handle error codes

VGSCardTextField automatically detects card provider and display card brand icon in the input field.

Scan Credit Card Data

VGS Collect SDK provides several card scan solutions for the Payment Card Industry to help protect your businesses and the sensitive information of your consumers. It's required to use only Scan modules provided by VGS, which are audited by VGS PCI requirements.

Integrate with Cocoapods

Add 'VGSCollectSDK' alongside with one of scan modules pod:

pod 'VGSCollectSDK'

# Add CardIO module to use Card.io as scan provider
pod 'VGSCollectSDK/CardIO' 

# Add CardScan module to use CardScan(Bouncer) as scan provider
pod 'VGSCollectSDK/CardScan' 

Integrate with Swift Package Manager

Starting with the 1.7.4 release, VGSCollectSDK also supports CardScan integration via Swift PM.

To use CardScan add VGSCollectSDK, VGSCardScanCollector packages to your target.

Starting with the 1.7.11 release, VGSCollectSDK supports CardIO integration via Swift PM.

<img style="max-width:100%;" src="https://raw.github.com/verygoodsecurity/vgs-collect-ios/master/ardIO** add VGSCollectSDK, VGSCardIOCollector packages to your target.

Integrate with Carthage

Carthage users should point to VGSCollectSDK repository and use next generated framework:

  • To use Card.io: VGSCollectSDK, VGSCardIOCollector, and CardIO. In your file add import VGSCardIOCollector.
  • To use Card Scan: VGSCollectSDK, VGSCardScanCollector, and CardScan. In your file add import VGSCardScanCollector.

Other submodules can safely be deleted from Carthage Build folder.

NOTE: At this time, Carthage does not provide a way to build only specific repository submodules. All submodules and their dependencies will be built by default. However you can include into your project only submodules that you need.

NOTE: For Carthage users CardScan available only with version 1.0.5048. Use CocoaPods or Swift Package Manager integration for the latest CardScan version. CardScan supports only CocoaPods or Swift Package Manager now.

Code Example

Here's an example In Action
Setup VGSCardIOScanController...
class ViewController: UIViewController {
    var vgsCollect = VGSCollect(id: "vauiltId", environment: .sandbox)

    /// Init VGSCardIOScanController
    var scanController = VGSCardIOScanController()

    /// Init VGSTextFields...

    override func viewDidLoad() {

        /// set VGSCardIOScanDelegate
        canController.delegate = self

    /// Present scan controller 
    func scanData() {
        scanController.presentCardScanner(on: self,
				animated: true,
			      completion: nil)

    // MARK: - Send data  
    func sendData() {
        /// Send data from VGSTextFields to your Vault
... handle VGSCardIOScanControllerDelegate
// ...

/// Implement VGSCardIOScanControllerDelegate methods
extension ViewController: VGSCardIOScanControllerDelegate {

    ///Asks VGSTextField where scanned data with type need to be set.
    func textFieldForScannedData(type: CradIODataType) -> VGSTextField? {
	switch type {
	case .expirationDate:
	    return expCardDateField
	case .cvc:
	    return cvcField
	case .cardNumber:
	    return cardNumberField
	    return nil

    /// When user press Done button on CardIO screen
    func userDidFinishScan() {
	scanController.dismissCardScanner(animated: true, completion: { [weak self] in
	    /// self?.sendData()

Handle VGSCardIOScanControllerDelegate functions. To setup scanned data into specific VGSTextField implement textFieldForScannedData: . If scanned data is valid it will be set in your VGSTextField automatically after user confirmation. Check CradIODataType to get available scand data types.

Don't forget to add NSCameraUsageDescription key and description into your App Info.plist.

Upload Files

You can add a file uploading functionality to your application with VGSFilePickerController.

Code Example

Setup VGSFilePickerController...
class FilePickerViewController: UIViewController, VGSFilePickerControllerDelegate {

  var vgsCollect = VGSCollect(id: "vailtId", environment: .sandbox)
  /// Create strong referrence of VGSFilePickerController
  var pickerController: VGSFilePickerController?

  override func viewDidLoad() {

      /// create picker configuration
      let filePickerConfig = VGSFilePickerConfiguration(collector: vgsCollect,
      							fieldName: "secret_doc",
						       fileSource: .photoLibrary)

      /// init picket controller with configuration
      pickerController = VGSFilePickerControlle<img style="max-width:100%;" src="https://raw.github.com/verygoodsecurity/vgs-collect-ios/master/ation: filePickerConfig)

      /// handle picker delegates
      pickerController?.delegate = self

  /// Present picker controller
  func presentFilePicker() {
      pickerController?.presentFilePicker(on: self, animated: true, completion: nil)
... handle VGSFilePickerControllerDelegate In Action
// ...  

// MARK: - VGSFilePickerControllerDelegate
/// Check file info, selected by user
func userDidPickFileWithInfo(_ info: VGSFileInfo) {
	let fileInfo = """
		    File info:
		    - fileExtension: \(info.fileExtension ?? "unknown")
		    - size: \(info.size)
		    - sizeUnits: \(info.sizeUnits ?? "unknown")
	pickerController?.dismissFilePicker(animated: true,
					  completion: { [weak self] in

// Handle cancel file selection
func userDidSCancelFilePicking() {
	pickerController?.dismissFilePicker(animated: true)

// Handle errors on picking the file
func filePickingFailedWithError(_ error: VGSError) {
	pickerController?.dismissFilePicker(animated: true)
... send file to your Vault
// ...

// MARK: - Send File	
/// Send file and extra data
func sendFile() {

	/// add extra data to send request	
	let extraData = ["document_holder": "Joe B"]

  /// send file to your Vault
  vgsCollect.sendFile(path: "/post", extraData: extraData) { [weak self](https://raw.github.com/verygoodsecurity/vgs-collect-ios/master/response) in
    switch response {
      case .success(let code, let data, let response):
        /// remove file from VGSCollect storage
      case .failure(let code, let data, let response, let error):
        // handle failed request
        switch code {
          // handle error codes

Use vgsCollect.cleanFiles() to unassign file from associated VGSCollect instance whenever you need.

Demo Application

Demo application for collecting card data on iOS is here.

Also you can check our payment optimization demo with Multiplexing.



To follow VGSCollectSDK updates and changes check the releases page.


VGSCollectSDK tracks a few key metrics to understand SDK features usage, which helps us know what areas need improvement. No personal information is tracked. You can easily opt-out of metrics collection in VGSAnalyticsClient:

VGSAnalyticsClient.shared.shouldCollectAnalytics = false



VGSCollect iOS SDK is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.


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