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Drop RedisKit dependency to use Vapor/Redis directly -

This patch was authored by @Mordil and released by @0xTim.

Drop RedisKit and use Vapor/Redis directly (#19)

Updated Vapor and Queues Releases -

  • Updates to official Vapor and Queues releases.
  • Adds doc blocks.

update to latest Redis version -

This patch was authored and released by @mcdappdev.

Looking for feedback on how to implement isConnected - right now it's just returning true

Release Candidate 1 -

Update to Queues and Vapor release candidates (#14).

1.0.0 Beta 2.1.0 -

Updates to latest Redis

JobsRedisDriver 1.0.0 Beta 2 -

Updated to latest Vapor and Jobs beta 2 releases.

JobsRedisDriver 1.0.0 Alpha 2 -


  • Updates to Jobs 1.0.0 Alpha 2 (#7)

Requeue -

Adds the ability for a job to be requeued

Update to RedisKit Alpha -

Alpha 1 -

Alpha 1 of the Jobs Redis Driver using the new RedisKit.

Fix race condition -

@maciejtrybilo pushed a fix that resolved a potential race condition that would keep a job in the processing state.

Update print statements -

Add error printing -

Fix `completed` function -


  • The LREM call in completed now properly removes the processed job.

Release connection -


  • Persistence layer now correctly releases connection when a job is not found

Fix job storage -


  • Switch away from using non-deterministic string function to remove the string from the processing queue.

True Reliable Queue -


  1. Jobs are correctly held in the processing queue until completion


Target jobs @master for now -

Add library product to Package.swift -

Target correct Jobs version -

First beta release -

Includes all necessary Redis persistence functionality