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3.9.3 - Nov 23, 2019


  • Use NIO's primitive functions for flatMap and its siblings (#211, @MrMage).

3.9.2 - Sep 19, 2019

  • Fixed an issue with DirectoryConfig.detect() in Xcode 11 when using native SPM integration. (#208)

Working directory detection methods used in Xcode projects created with swift package generate-xcodeproj no longer work in Xcode 11 when using native SPM integration. The Xcode team has indicated to us that they are not planning on providing any workarounds to allow for this automatic directory detection to work in Xcode 11. Because of this, DirectoryConfig.detect() will no longer attempt to automatically determine the current working directory if it detects Xcode >= 11 using native SPM integration. Instead, it will always return the current working directory.

By default, this current working directory will be a temporary folder used by Xcode. To change this, you must enable Use custom working directory in the scheme editor for your Run scheme:


You should set the custom working directory to the folder that contains the Package.swift file for your project. Once you have set a custom working directory for your scheme, DirectoryConfig.detect() will correctly detect and return that path to your application. This change should only need to be made once since Xcode project settings are persisted in the .swiftpm folder.

Note that this change should only affect projects using Xcode >= 11 with native SPM integration. Projects using swift package generate-xcodeproj should continue to work without needing to make changes to the Run scheme.

3.9.1 - Jun 8, 2019


  • Allows integration with iOS through SPM and Xcode 11 beta 1 (#206)

3.9.0 - Apr 23, 2019


  • Array.flatten now uses NIO's whenAll method under the hood. This change improves performance of future flattening by ~3x. (#203)

3.8.1 - Apr 10, 2019


  • File.ext now returns nil if the file does not have an extension. (#198)