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This package is deprecated... Please use the new VaporExt package


AsyncExtensions is a collection of Swift extensions, with handy methods, syntactic sugar, and performance improvements for wide range of Async data types and classes.

Whats New in v0.1.0?


  • Async 1.0.0
  • Swift 4.1+


You can use The Swift Package Manager to install AsyncExtensions by adding the proper description to your Package.swift file:

import PackageDescription

let package = Package(
    name: "YOUR_PROJECT_NAME",
    targets: [],
    dependencies: [
        .package(url: "https://github.com/vapor-community/async-extensions.git", from: "0.1.0"),

Note that the Swift Package Manager is still in early design and development, for more information checkout its GitHub Page

List of All Extensions

Async Extensions

How cool is this?

AsyncExtensions is a library of properties and methods, designed to extend Async's functionality and productivity, staying faithful to the original Swift API design guidelines.

Check Examples.md for some cool examples!

Get involved:

We want your feedback. Please refer to contributing guidelines before participating.

Discord Channel:

It is always nice to talk with other people using AsyncExtensions and exchange experiences, so come join our Discord channel.


AsyncExtensions is released under an MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.


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0.1.0-rc.3 - Jul 30, 2018


  • This package is deprecated... Please use the new VaporExt package

0.1.0-rc.2 - Jul 6, 2018


  • Moved to Vapor Core

0.1.0-rc.1 - Jun 24, 2018

Initial release