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Pure Swift/Vapor 3 APNS Library.

Note: This requires HTTP/2. Vapor is supposed to get a native HTTP/2 client built in so until then, this library is unoperational


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1.0.0-rc.1.4 - Aug 27, 2018

1.0.0-rc.1.3 - May 14, 2018

1.0.0-rc.1.2 - Apr 26, 2018

This just fixes syntax issues.

NOTE: This currently doesn't work as NIO doesn't have HTTP/2 support just yet. For the time being, you can implement this as the methods should stay the same when the official 1.0.0 tag is released.

1.0.0-rc.1.1 - Apr 7, 2018

1.0.0-rc.1 - Apr 2, 2018