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Imperial is a Federated Login service, allowing you to easily integrate your Vapor applications with OAuth providers to handle your apps authentication.


Author(s): @calebkleveter


All code contained in the Imperial package is under the MIT license agreement.


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0.13.0 - Apr 25, 2019

Keycloak Support

Adds support for the Keycloak API as a federated auth service. Checkout the setup guide!

v0.12.0 - Apr 12, 2019

  • authURL now has request available to generate hashes
  • Added support for Gitlab

0.11.3 - Apr 2, 2019

Fixes closures authenticatedCallback on linux by making them throwing

0.11.2 - Apr 2, 2019

Correct Redirect Variable

The redirect variable used FederatedServiceRouter.configureRoutes method was overridden with the authVariable parameter. Use .self should fix that.

0.11.1 - Mar 29, 2019

Throwing Authenticated Callback

Made the FederatedServiceRoute.configureRoutes authenticatedCallback closure throwing (https://github.com/vapor-community/Imperial/pull/31)