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PULL REQUESTS: Please create pull requests against the testing branch (as opposed to master).

REDCap External Modules

This repository represents the development work for the REDCap External Modules framework, which is a class-based framework for plugins and hooks in REDCap. External Modules is an independent and separate piece of software from REDCap, and is included natively in REDCap 8.0.0 and later.


Clone this repo into a directory explicitly named external_modules under your REDCap web root (e.g., /redcap/external_modules/). NOTE: If you are currently running REDCap 8.0.0+, then REDCap will utilize the code in the /redcap/external_modules/ directory rather than the embedded one in /redcap/redcap_vX.X.X/ExternalModules/.


The best way to get started might be by learning by example by downloading an example module here. It can be installed by downloading that repo as a ZIP file, then extracting it's contents to <redcap-web-root>/modules/vanderbilt_example_v1.0/.

You should also reference the Official External Modules Documentation if you are building a module.